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Eight Things To Ask Yourself Before You Hire Someone

The interview process when hiring a new member of staff can often be rigorous. You spend a lot of time sifting through resumes and assessing qualifications before you get to the point of meeting anyone who has applied for the job you’ve offered. The more time you spend on each applicant, the more confusing it can be.

Once you have a bank of interviewees, you set up times and dates to interview everyone and get to know everyone that you have chosen based on paper. It’s time now to narrow down the people you’ve chosen and see whether you’ve made the right choice with your pick.

The thing is, you’re stuck between one or two – or even three – people, and you have no idea where to go from here. Well, we can help. Below, we’ve put together eight things that you should ask yourself before you hire anyone.

  1. Are They Qualified?

You need to know that the person you hire is the right person to fill the role in terms of their qualifications. It’s very easy to be swayed by personality, but if you have a cracking person with the wrong qualifications, and a boring personality with the right ones, you have to look at the qualifications first. You want charisma, sure, but if you have someone with the right charisma and the wrong qualifications, you’re going to hit a brick wall!

Don’t overlook the things that people miss in the hope that their humor will carry them – it won’t.

  1. What Was Their Attitude Like?

It’s important to hire someone who has the right attitude towards the job.

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The best, most qualified candidate could put you right off because of a bad attitude and that’s how you know that you shouldn’t hire them!

The wrong attitude can be a cancer in your business. Hire people you know will gel well with the rest of the group and have a positive, proactive attitude toward the work. 

  1. Did They Dodge Any Questions?
  • How did your interviewee react to being told that a Specimen Collector would be collecting their urine for a drug test?
  • Did they become uncomfortable with that? Did they dodge any questions that you asked about their past?

You have to watch for these things when you are interviewing someone to work in your business.

The people that you interview need to be honest with you and if you have any worries about it, you need to back off and refuse that individual.

  1. Are They Enthusiastic?

You should hire people who want the job. You can tell whether someone you are speaking to is interested in the job or not. You need to hire people that want to do the job and you can tell by the way that they get excited about it, about the organization in general and about you as their possible new employer.

No one wants to hire someone because they just “need a job”, they want to hire someone who wants to be there. They need to see themselves in your business making a future for themselves.

  1. Have You Connected?

Some people interview and as they leave the room, you just know that they wouldn’t be a good fit. You need to establish a connection with someone before you allow them to be a part of your business and help you to achieve what you want to achieve for the future.

  1. Can The Fit In With The Rest Of The Company?

You can have a staff of thirty people, but if they don’t get along in some way, it’s going to be an issue. They won’t be a perfect fit: of course, people are all different, but that doesn’t mean that you need to deal with clashes in the office.

  1. Are There Red Flags?

Were they fired from other jobs? Did they have issues with drugs in a past role? You need to know that you have the right people working for you and ensure that you are not blinded by someone who has a good front and a cagey past. Always get the right background checks and references with your staff, and don’t be afraid to ask the awkward questions.

  1. Any Doubts?

If there is even the slightest niggle, you need to think about whether your hire is a good idea. Always do the right reference checks – both personal and professional – and make sure that the person you hire is the closest possible person to be the one for the role. 

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