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Employee Retention Strategies For Execs Who’ve Tried Everything

Staff retention is a massive challenge for today’s companies. Brands need to keep hold of talented people to maintain their competitive advantage. But, unfortunately, they’re struggling to do so. 

The cost of losing employees is also exceptionally high. For every worker you lose, you forfeit around six to nine months of their pay – and that’s a lot of money. 

Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to keep workers loyal to you. As you’ll see, the grass doesn’t have to be greener on the other side. 

Promote Employee Creativity

Practically every firm claims that they support employee creativity. But when you look at what they’re actually doing on the ground, you find something very different indeed. Much of what’s being said is lip service. 

Fortunately, you can turn this around quickly by implementing some simple changes in your organization. Here’s a list of suggestions you could make a reality today: 

  • Allow employees to have fun, experiment, and come up with novel solutions themselves
  • Create innovative teams of creative people from different departments to address long-standing issues
  • Offer outlets for frustrations, including a sympathetic ear
  • Give your employees rewards and take their effort seriously
  • Allow them to take risks to achieve their creative goals

Educate Them 

Here’s another powerful strategy you can use to keep more people working for you: educate them. Research shows that employees are much more likely to stick around if they perform well in their roles. 

If you’re wondering how can we improve sales force productivity, find out with help from People AI. The idea is to bring out the latent talent that is already there, giving employees more confidence to step into their roles and perform with excellence. The more you educate people in your organization, the better they will be able to contribute to the whole team. 

Get Employees To Give You Feedback

People always feel better when they get things off their chests. If something is bothering them, it helps to write it down and hand it over to somebody with the power to solve the problem. Just the act of sending feedback is often enough to appease workers and get them to stay. 

Giving feedback is always a little awkward. So if employees are worried, then you can always do it anonymously. Just create some kind of system that lets them vent their frustrations. Sometimes, the feedback you get is actually helpful and allows you to adjust how you work. 

Include Employees In Your Team Meetings

Employees want to feel like they joined your organization for a reason. So when you leave them out of team meetings and discussions, they can wind up feeling like an accessory. They want to believe that their opinion and input matter. 

You don’t have to take all their recommendations and make them a reality. But you do need to give them air time. 

When it comes to employee retention, there are never any easy answers. However, by following this advice, you can increase the likelihood that your employees will stick by your side. 

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