Everything You Need To Know About Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Everything You Need To Know About Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Industrial/Organisational psychology is often referred to as I-O psychology. It applies the principles of psychological theories such as motivation to different workplace settings. This field is solely focused upon optimizing and increasing workplace productivity and ensuring the employees’ mental and physical well-being.

Research studies have reported an increase in employees’ efficacy and motivation in offices where I-O psychologists are employed. There are quite a few points to keep in mind before you go down the path of becoming an I-O psychologist.

Work involved in being an I-O psychologist

I-O psychologists use research methods and psychological principles to improve the quality of life of employees and solve problems arising in the workplace. They usually work within human resources offices and are even involved in the recruitment process of new employees. They help increase business efficiency by assessing job performance and training of the workforce. They can also work as consultants for various companies rather than working under one specific business. Moreover, they also study consumer behavior and collaborate with the management to carry out training sessions and screenings and even help plan company policies.

Education needed to become an I-O psychologist

Becoming an I-O psychologist requires a lot of extensive studies, like most psychology specializations. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, one is required to go for a Master’s degree, which can take up to two years to complete.

Students who have studied other subjects in their Bachelor’s, such as Social Work, can also go for a Master’s in psychology if they match the course requirements. You can find out more about Master’s in I-O psychology at to choose the best university for you.

Further education and licensing

Some I-O psychologists choose to go for a doctoral degree as well. This increases their chances of getting higher pay and opens up quite a few job options for them.

The certification guidelines for psychologists are different in every state, so be sure to check guidelines for the regions that you plan on practicing in. Certification can also be taken voluntarily by I-O psychologists from the American Board of Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology (ABOBCP) to show their commitment and competency in this field.

Different career paths available after studying I-O psychology

The client options after studying I-O psychology are endless. You can work in corporations as a consultant or a full-time psychologist. You can work in small businesses and any place where potential clients are looking to increase their employees’ motivation.

Apart from that, an I-O psychologist can also work in typical psychology environments such as schools, hospitals, and even clinics. The possibilities of different work environments are endless for I-O psychologists.

People increasingly understand the importance of mental health over the last years. It helps businesses optimize their business operations since mentally fit employees are way more productive.This is why corporates are now increasingly including psychologists as a part of their company culture. Precisely why I-O psychologists are essential when it comes to increasing corporate efficiency.

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