Expand Your Home Business With These Approachable Goals by

Expand Your Home Business With These Approachable Goals

Having approachable goals is the key for taking a small business higher. If you can manage to shoot for the stars, good for you, but often you’ll overreach yourself. But when you set a smaller, closer goal, you pave the way to the stars, bit by bit, and that’s a lot more cost effective on you! 

It might be time for you to consider where you’re headed next, even if you’re just starting out and need to gather your resources first. If you have a five year plan, good, but even just having a 12 month plan can ensure you’re on your way to success. And why not let the points we’ve listed below inspire you on your journey? 

Gathering a team of like minded people together is one of the best ways to take your business from strength to strength.

Bring a New Hire On Board

  • A new hire makes sure you’ve got enough manpower behind you.
  • A new hire brings a new sense of culture and skills to the workplace.
  • A new hire helps to liven the place up a bit!

All in all, if you can add another person to your team, it’s a surefire sign that you’re on your way to bigger and better things. 

Think about it: you’ve got the budget for that now. What does that mean?

It means you’ve managed to boost your sales and cut back on your costs, and if you can repeat that in the future, you can mark your goal as completed. Now, how approachable was that? 

Set Up a Social Media Account

If you don’t have one already, of course. But even if you do, it might be worth your time to make sure you’re running the right type of account – it doesn’t cost a penny to start a fresh with a free business account on platforms such as Facebook and/or Instagram. 

Setting up a social media means accessibility. Having someone stationed on the account 24/7 means you’ll always be there to respond to someone’s query or review, and that’s key for boosting customer relations. 

Set Up an IT Department

An IT department is one of the main things a modern business needs to do well.

Being able to turn your computer off and on again is all well and good, but when you’ve got a firewall breach, or you’ve got a blue screen popping up whenever you try to access an application, you’ll need a professional in the building to sort the problem out for you.

You likely won’t have the time to do so yourself! 

Be sure to reach out to a company like to talk about setting up a professional relationship like this. Even if you’ve got an IT department on the end of the phone, and remote access to your PC whenever trouble strikes, you’ll be on to a winning recipe for growth. 

Approachable goals are key to succeeding in business. Set some of your own. 

How you achieve goals

The issue of goals vs objectives is one that can tie up many entrepreneurs.  In short, goals are targets that you need to define.  Objectives are steps you need to take to reach those goals.  They do need to be defined but they also need to be managed.  This essentially means scheduled and budgeted for.

There are lots of tools available to manage objectives.  For small businesses, however, it’s hard to beat the Gantt chart.  Gantt charts are charts with time periods on the horizontal access and tasks on the vertical one.  

Basic Gantt charts can be created in regular spreadsheets (e.g. Google Sheets) and Excel and printed out if you like paper records.  They’re a great way to stay on track of both progress towards goals and standard projects.

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