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Fed up with Having to Watch over Your Team?

Discover These 6 Benefits of Employee-Tracking Software

On the one hand, it is natural for businesses to want to know what their employees are doing with the time they are paying them for and to make sure employees are using that time well. On the other hand, businesses that monitor their employees without communicating why they are doing so can also create an environment where employees don’t feel trusted, which in turn can create an even bigger problem.

Modern employee tracking software, however, can help both businesses and employees achieve better productivity and even save businesses a great deal of money. Here are 6 reasons why you want to invest in employee tracking software. 

1. Saves time and money

Many employee tracking software programs integrate fully with a number of other apps and programs. From scheduling software to payroll to tax and accounting software, employee tracking apps can integrate employee hour and expense tracking into one smooth, streamlined system.

Employee tracking apps also allow you to bill clients appropriately, track different hours spent on different projects or even time spent doing different jobs at different rates of pay. It can help you budget and track over time, mileage, travel time bonuses and other wage-related expenses. Modern employee and time-tracking software offer far more features than yesterday’s time clocks that just allowed employees to punch in and punch out. 

2. Helps you help employees better manage their time

Even your employees can sometimes get to the end of their day and have no idea where all their time went. In many cases, your employees may simply not understand which of their daily tasks are actually “mission critical” and which are more filler or time-wasters.

Employee tracking software can help you gain a better picture of what your employees are doing with their time that is not intrusive or invasive.

With that information, you can help underperforming employees better understand which tasks they should devote more of their attention in order to achieve company-side goals and aims. Many employee tracking apps also include features like Pomodoro timers that can help employees better manage their time and develop a stronger ability to focus more on specific tasks. 

3. Helps you better schedule for maximum productivity 

As businesses are offering more flexible schedules and even telecommuting options, it can be more difficult to schedule meetings or other team events. Even when everyone is on the same schedule, different people will have different peak times and lull times. Some people rise at the crack of dawn and like to hit the ground running, while others don’t really function on all cylinders until closer to noon.

Conversely, the “hit the ground running” folks tend to lose steam around 2 or 3 o’clock while the slow starters are just picking up steam around 3 or 4 o’clock. Other times, employees may be so overwhelmed by meetings and other collaborative work that they can’t even get any work done until after office hours.

Employee tracking apps can help you determine when the best time to schedule meetings is, as well as understand who might be best suited to tackle a project that comes in early in the morning and who might be more willing to stay late and work. 

4. Offers powerful analytics 

Numbers will tell you whether or not you are hitting marks or achieving goals, but they can’t tell you why you aren’t meeting them if you are not. That is where analytics come in. Analytics can pull data from a wide range of sources as well as compiling those facts, figures and numbers into actionable intel.

For instance, your employee tracking software may reveal that every time two specific employees work together, productivity or sales decrease by a significant margin or conversely that when one employee is working, the productivity of an entire team increases. Tracking software does more than just tell you what one individual employee is doing, it can also tell you the effect or impact that each and every one of your employees has on overall productivity or even your business’ bottom line. 

5. Helps offer employees a more flexible schedule

There are a number of benefits to businesses to have set hours that all employees work. Conversely, what’s good for businesses is not always good for employees, and sometimes what is bad for employees is also bad for business. It turns out that happy employees also tend to be more productive employees and one thing that makes employees possibly more happy than anything else is some level of control over their own schedule. With employee tracking software, employees can take a few minutes or a few hours out of their day to attend to personal matters without taking an entire sick or personal day.

At the same time, tracking software can track hours or minutes, so instead of having a set number of personal or sick days per year, employees can instead have personal hours to use as they see fit. In addition, if an employee takes a few hours out of one day to attend to personal matters, they can also smoothly make up the hours, which will be duly logged by tracking software. 

6. Allows employees to clock in and out from multiple locations 

With the rise in telecommuting and remote work options, employee tracking software needs to be more flexible than ever to keep up. On the one hand, remote employees need to be able to clock in without having to go to an office, while on the other hand, businesses still need to ensure employees are where they are supposed to be and doing what they are supposed to be doing. Tracking software helps cover all of these needs.

Geofencing allows employers to ensure their employees can only clock in from certain approved locations. 

Employee tracking software isn’t just good for employers, it’s good for employees. Tracking software can help employers offer employees more flexible schedules and remote or telecommuting options while helping employees themselves better manage their time. Click here to discover more about employee tracking software.

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