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Four Benefits Of Creating Video Media For Your Business

Do you want to take your business to great heights with video media content? Videos have long served the purpose of educating and entertaining people. In recent times, videos have turned into a versatile marketing tool that can be deployed to reach out to larger audiences. Video media can quickly spread the word about your products, thus paving the way for a successful digital marketing strategy. Given the increasing consumption of visual content worldwide, businesses have started harnessing the potential of video media to gain an edge over competitors.

It should come as no surprise that 81% of companies around the globe leverage video media for marketing purposes. Entrepreneurs and small businesses struggling to compete with big names in the industry can rely on video media to stand out in today’s oversaturated market.

For maximum engagement, businesses should create videos that appeal to viewers alongside giving them the information they are looking for. Since today’s world is moving at a super-fast pace, people don’t have the time to sit back and consume ultra lengthy videos.

This is why you must look for a video trimmer online to cut the duration of your brand videos. This post will delve deep into the four remarkable benefits of creating video media for your business. 

1. Better exposure among the smartphone-using audience

There was a time when smartphones were too expensive and could be owned only by the rich. But now that technology has become affordable, owning a smartphone is no longer a distant dream for ordinary people. With most of the world consuming visual content on their mobiles, video media can uplift your brand’s appeal among smartphone-using audiences.

If you want to hook your mobile-using audience, you must create video media that is well optimised for smartphones. Optimise your video media for both Android and iOS smartphones to ensure a smooth experience for mobile users. Choose a video dimension that will fit perfectly on smartphone screens. Moreover, you must come up with catchy thumbnails for your video media to make your content look click-worthy to viewers.

See to it your thumbnails are not too pixelated as this may keep most mobile users from clicking on your video.

2. Enhanced social media presence

It is a known fact that millions of people frequent social media sites like Facebook and Twitter daily. Since nearly half of the world’s population is active on social platforms, businesses using video media have an excellent opportunity to engage people. Video media shared online has a much higher share rate than any other form of content, including text and pictures.

Social media trends indicate that people are more likely to share video content that is fact-based and entertaining at the same time. Above all, marketing videos that go viral on social media can boost brand exposure faster than expected. If you want to establish a lasting bond with your target audience, you must consistently deliver fun and relatable content. 

It should also be noted that almost all social media sites have predefined guidelines for video duration. It is best to stick to short-form videos as stats indicate that the human attention span has declined sharply over the years. Video media longer than 3 minutes will do nothing except down your viewership. The good news is that a cloud-based video trimmer can help you trim marketing videos within seconds. 

3. Stronger brand identity

Another great advantage of video media is that it can help create a brand personality that your audience will fall in love with. Having a solid brand identity is vital for distinguishing your business from top competitors. Nowadays, a large percentage of consumers prefer dealing with brands that have an identity of their own. You can expand your audience base and popularise offerings faster with a strong brand personality.

You should produce video media that portrays your brand’s true identity, as this will help you foster a robust connection with potential customers. Try to study the traits and preferences of the average consumer in your target audience and tailor your video content accordingly. No matter the industry, the main focus of your business should be on making videos that resonate with customers and bolster your brand identity in the long run.

4. High amount of website traffic

Sustaining website traffic is the topmost priority for any business that invests in marketing. Regularly uploading video media is a sure-fire way to drive organic traffic to websites. However, you must embed video media on your site’s landing page so that it gets noticed easily. More importantly, the videos you feature on the homepage should align nicely with other elements on your website.

The best part about videos is that they can keep visitors glued to your website. When people begin spending more time on your company’s website, it implies that your site is loaded with high-quality content, which can, in turn, improve your SEO ranking. As your SEO ranking shoots up, your business will start showing on the search pages of engines like Google and Bing.

It is highly recommended that you add transcripts to all your videos to add context and improve the accessibility of content. Video media enriched with comprehensive transcripts has higher chances of getting indexed by Google. 


Rapid technological advancements mark the age we live in today. Empowered by smartphones and blazing-fast internet, the modern consumer has become smarter than ever. The sad truth is that text and picture-based marketing materials have lost their relevance to a great extent. Brands looking to convince customers to invest in their offerings must rework their marketing strategy to yield the desired results.

The inclusion of video media in your brand’s marketing plan will work like a charm for improving conversion rates. Smart implementation of video media marketing can get your brand noticed quickly amidst the vast pool of businesses. Make sure you employ a decent online video editor to create high-quality video media that will attract customers and power up your marketing endeavours.

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