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Freelance Writing Work: How To Hire Writers

People look to the internet for information regarding business products and services. Hiring Freelance writing work allows a business to get engaging content on their website, drawing in readers and generating business.

The good news is that 58 million people in the United States work as freelancers. The bad news is that there are a lot of people to weed through when trying to find the best writer for your business.

When hiring article writers, you need to find workers who can write well-researched, grammatically correct business content that is SEO strong. Keep reading to find out how to hire a writer that meets your business needs.

Types of Freelance Writing Work

Freelance writers have specialty areas. Specialty areas may be subject matter or type of content:

  • Blog writer—articles and blogs for your website
  • Brand journalist—your brand and customer stories, interviews, internal communications, press releases
  • Copywriter—website copy, product descriptions, sales material
  • Email writer—drip campaigns, newsletters, customer nurture campaigns, sales
  • Ghostwriter—content where another person receives credit as the writer
  • Social media writer—interactive content for social media platforms, social media posts
  • Technical writer—in-depth guides, manuals, instructions, etc.

A freelance content writer may specialize in more than one area. Your business may need to hire a freelance writer for more than one of the above categories.

You Get What You Pay For

When you begin searching for freelance writers, you may consider using content mills that offer writers at a low price. You get what you pay for, and those mills usually have a lot of writers who lack the skills to provide quality work, bidding for jobs.

The best place to find quality freelance writers is on a niche website that deals strictly with workers looking for freelance writing gigs. Search for writers freelancing on FreeUp. FreeUp allows you to select from a network of top freelancers who are pre-vetted.

Review Published Work

Reviewing a resume isn’t sufficient for determining what kind of work a freelancer will produce. You need to request samples of published work that includes their by-line. A personal blog may be adequate because it gives you a look at what kind of quality they produce.

When looking at writing samples, run them through a plagiarism checker to ensure the writing is their own. If the content they provide is informative, researched, and free of spelling and grammatical errors, that is a great writer.

Are They a Good Match?

If you like the writing samples, find out if the freelancer is a solid match for your business.

Do they enjoy writing the type of content you need? Are they comfortable with your product or service? How many words or articles can they write per day, week, or month?

The best freelancer isn’t going to work if they cannot produce the content you need. They must be comfortable or familiar with the products and services you provide.

Communication Plan

Develop a way to maintain communication with your freelance writer. You’ll want to exchange ideas, project progress, revisions, etc. Contact can be through email, skype, phone, or text messaging.

Seventy-four percent of consumers prefer text messaging over other means of communication. That is a fast and convenient way for both parties to maintain contact.

Onboarding Your Freelancer

You need to establish a method of transferring payment to your freelance worker and agree on where in the process payment is made. 

Your freelance writer needs details about your business, your products or services, and your ideal consumer. This allows them to create content that generates solid conversion rates.

Benefits of Freelance Writing Work

The benefits of freelance writing work outweigh the cost. You’ll get quality, well-researched SEO content that helps you grow your business.

Begin your search for a freelance writer today, then check out our other blogs for more great content to help your business.

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