Genius Hacks To Promote Your YouTube Content by

Genius Hacks To Promote Your YouTube Content

It’s no secret that one of the ways businesses remain successful is through multi-channel marketing. In a nutshell, that means utilizing different sources or platforms as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for any business serious about their marketing. Have you just started creating content on your YouTube channel? If so, the following hacks will help you to promote that content effectively.

Optimize your channel text

Google’s search engine bots ‘crawl’ YouTube video and channel profile pages each day. You must optimize your YouTube channel’s text content to make it easy to find – both within YouTube and on Google.

The areas you need to pay attention to include:

  • Video titles, descriptions, and keywords;
  • Channel profile text.

Embed your videos outside of YouTube

Next, you should ensure you embed your videos on your brand’s social media profiles. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms allow you to embed YouTube content. Of course, ensure you only embed videos that are relevant to the subject matter.

Distribute your video content on TV

Last but not least, you can distribute the content you’ve created outside of the YouTube ecosphere. For example, some brands create content that they also put on TV streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video.

You may even find TV channels that you could broadcast your content on as well. Plugging your YouTube channel name on videos shown on TV will help drive viewers to your online content.

Also, be sure you’re using the right mechanisms to monitor and analyze your video views – both on YouTube and TV. Check out the following DTC Marketing Stack graphic for ideas and inspiration on how to achieve that goal:

Infographic design by Rockerbox Attribution
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