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Here Is What Your Human Resource Department Must Do To Reduce Stress at Work

The human resource department makes sure that employees are happy and productive, which means they have many responsibilities. They can do this by implementing some strategies to help reduce the staff’s stress levels. In this article, we’ll cover what your human resource department needs to do!

Create a Wellness Program

The wellness program should give employees the opportunity and resources to improve their mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. For example, set up an onsite gym or yoga studio to exercise after work hours.

Wellness programs encourage healthy habits among employees, which indirectly boosts business productivity. Also, a wellness program should include a diverse selection of stress reduction techniques, such as meditation, mindfulness, guided visualizations, or yoga classes to balance the hectic deadlines at work.

Use Technology for Transparency

It’s time to leverage your company’s technological assets for transparency. Digitized systems prevent micromanagement of business operations. Consequently, your employees have room to be as innovative as possible because they work without an overarching authority.

Furthermore, technology generates transparency. For example, if your employees sign in to work with time clock software, their arrival and check-out time will be straightforward.

Allow Flexible Work Hours

The first thing that your human resource department must do to reduce stress is to give workers the flexibility they need to balance their home life with their professional life. As a result, they won’t experience external pressure and reduce productivity.¬†

Also, a healthy, balanced lifestyle prevents overworking or burnout. When this happens, it can lead to higher levels of absenteeism and reduced productivity. Ultimately, unhappy people don’t achieve their full potential, and turnover rates might skyrocket sooner or later.

Hold Team-Building Exercise

The team-building exercise provides a new and exciting way to interact with co-workers and learn to work together. It also allows an individual time to enjoy themselves outside of their typical day at work. The best part is that it’s a win/win situation: it’s fun and builds camaraderie among peers while still getting some critical tasks done!

To reduce stress in your workplace, you should consider holding monthly or weekly team-building exercises like cooking or crafting projects where employees can get along better through shared experiences.

Offer Mental Health Support 

Mental health support goes beyond providing employees with the opportunity to discuss their issues in a safe space. Employees need mental resources for themselves, and your HR department should offer this type of assistance.

In addition, the Harvard Business Review suggests that your managers need training on how to help employees manage stress and develop healthy coping strategies, which will reduce workplace burnout among those who are struggling.


There is no doubt that stress at work can cause significant health issues, both physical and emotional. The best way to combat this problem is to create a supportive environment for all employees. 

An excellent first step would be reducing the work hours so people will have more time off, including remote working days during the week, and provide transportation to reduce the time your staff spends on the daily commute.

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