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How Can You Find The Right Career For You?

The job or career you choose will essentially shape your life and your identity, so it’s important to choose well. If you’re young and just starting out, here are some things to consider before making your choice.

Think about what you want from a career

When you’re young and first starting out in adulthood, it can be tricky to consider what career you want to do. Chances are your tastes and interests will change over time, meaning that something that suits you now might not necessarily in ten years.

Instead of trying to pinpoint an exact type of job or career you want, start by thinking about what you want from your profession. A good wage is something that all of us want, but further than this.

  • Do you want to work with and help people?
  • Do you want a job that’s outdoorsy?
  • Do you want a creative career, or something where you’re using logic and reasoning?

From there, it can make it easier to narrow down the kind of job that you want.

Think about your skills and who you are as a person and from there you’re much more likely to find a job that suits you

Do some voluntary work

Before making a decision or commitment on a type of job, consider doing some voluntary work in that area first. Not only does this look good on your CV and give you experience if you decide to go ahead, but it gives you the chance to decide if it’s really for you.

If for example you want to work in healthcare you could volunteer in a hospital, if you want to work with animals you could work with an animal shelter or charity. It will give you a feel for the position and from there you could decide if you want to pursue it or not.

Once you’ve decided, you’d then look into what qualifications you need- for example for teaching then education at CHC could be an option especially if you want to teach from a religious perspective. 

Consider flexibility

This is something that women in particular need to think about, as having kids and a career can be tricky and something that’s been an issue for decades.

A career that gives you flexibility can be useful if you know you’ll want to take time off eventually to have a family. In some cases, getting a trade or experience behind you and going self employed or starting your own business can put you in control.

Do you want to travel?

Do you want to see more of the world?

If so, a job that enables you to travel could be something worth considering.

Professions like teaching and healthcare for example can be particularly good, since these skills are well wanted around the world meaning there’s often a lot of opportunity to work abroad. 

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