How Can You Keep Your Employees Happy by

How Can You Keep Your Employees Happy?

Your employees are so important to the overall success of your business. They need to work hard for you, and you need to give them the motivation to do so. Paying fairly is a good start, but if you want to keep your workers, reduce your turnover rate, give people security and a reason to stay with your company- here’s how you can go about it. 

Provide training and/ or education

One of the biggest workplace woes people tend to have is that they feel they’re not making progress in their career. They do the same job day in day out, and get ‘stuck’– you can prevent your employees feeling like this by giving them something to work towards.

Create a system whereby people get promoted as time goes on, and offer training and/ or education so they get the satisfaction of improving as they work.

Let them work from home

More and more companies are getting on board with letting employees work from home- even if it’s just on at least some days a week. However, some are even hiring completely remote workforces, as there are some incredible benefits to having workers who are based at their own homes.

Home workers tend to be happier, take less sick days and be more productive which is something that benefits both you and them.

The health and happiness of your employees really should be a high priority as a business owner; the working day is already stressful enough, throw in a busy commute on top of this and it’s no wonder many workers feel stress.

Allowing them to work from home, even if it’s just occasionally, can boost happiness and in turn, could promote productivity.

Provide a good office

If your employees will be working from the office (even if it’s only a few days of the week) then providing them with a decent working area is important. It should be light, bright and airy with plenty of natural light if possible. It should feel spacious with an effective layout, and have plants dotted around as these have been shown to boost mood and productivity. 

Provide employee benefits

Free gym memberships, occasional free work lunches, a Christmas party and a work laptop are all examples of ways you can reward your employees and make them feel valued.

It’s a good idea to offer benefits like dental, medical and retirement packages too, which give you employees a sense of security and another reason for them to stay with you long term. 

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