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How Restaurants Should Think About Expanding Their Operations

Most of us to believe we know how restaurants operate, at least on the surface. We gain this considered knowledge by eating in them for the most part, and watching the various inside shows broadcast on television. 

But of course, running the operation of a restaurant is much different to eating in one, and with hard times causing shockwaves through the industry at the start of this decade, it’s not hard to see why many restaurants are trying to claw back the custom they lost out on.

Restaurants are unique in that they operate entirely different to retail stores and while they may occupy hotels, they serve as a different breed of hospitality. 

As such, it’s not always easy to know how to expand operations past filling your inner dining area and booking special events. Keep this consistent, and you should be able to pay your debts, keep your restaurant above water. But as two out of three restaurants close in their first year, and over 70% don’t make it past three years, it’s important to think about how you can expand your revenue in a sustainable manner, and what operational growth might be a good idea.

Let’s consider some options for achieving exactly that, below:

Special Events

Running special events at your restaurant could be a good way of earning more money from time to time, like a large business conference dinner that you’re happy to provide for, or perhaps organizing the Christmas party meals for a range of local businesses. If you can rent a large seating area out for this in advance, you may be able to sell plenty of wines and courses of meals at once.

Attending & Sponsoring Local Initiatives

To the extent that you can, taking the initiative to support local drives, festivals and events can be a fantastic idea. You might sponsor certain stalls, or run one yourself. If you run a bar and charcuterie, for instance, then a local beer or cheese festival is perfect for you to attend, in order to support the local community, put some money back into it, sell food, and moreover, make more people aware of your restaurant. This might lead to proper sales at additional events, such as local foot markets and conventions. Just be sure you use the right refrigerated storage rental to keep your food hygiene and storage standards properly aligned on the way.

Hampers & Packages

Through the pandemic, many restaurants put together delivery packages that their prior patrons would love, replicating the experience of eating out but at home. This is true now, where more and more restaurants are starting to see just how popular this was and how a one-time provision might not be all the potential to be found in this kind of service. It could be that putting together such a provision can help you sell gift packages during seasonal holidays, or can help you offer discounts on your best products so that more and more people see what you have to offer.

With this advice, you’re certain to expand your operations in the best possible light.

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