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How Tech Giants Deal With Employee Retention

The technology sector is highly competitive. Enhancing employee retention has proven time and again to be a critical issue. Most technology companies and organizations have low average employee retention compared to other industries. The reason behind it is attributed to the competitive nature of the tech industry.   

To help deal with the issue of employee retention, tech giants employ different strategies including evaluation and review of employees through tests

The main challenge of all lies in retaining the employees who are into their first job. Generally, students after their college, or those who have spent time preparing for some competitive exams and just pick any job for the sake of earning for a start. As soon as they get a better offer, they will switch without a second thought. 

Some Employee Retention Techniques May Include: 

Investing in Employees

Tech giants need to value their employees, and they invest in them to ensure long-term retention. Tech companies focus more on the feelings of employees as they carry out their day to day duties. Some organizations may go the extra mile to incorporate online courses and classes to ensure their employees never stop learning. 

Similarly, companies do not wait for long to review their employees. Often, the review is done by the giants on a bi-annual or quarterly basis. As a result, it becomes easy to map out the career paths of employees. Such investments boost employee morale, thus contributing to increased production levels. 


Tech giants have an appreciation strategy for their employees.

Being a highly demanding field, a little appreciation boosts confidence levels in employees.

What’s more, it makes the entire tech job highly desirable. Recognition and appreciation of employee talents are extremely powerful, and it fuels self-esteem and confidence amongst employees. 

Employee appreciation programs can be done on a weekly or monthly basis based on the company set up. There are different strategies used by the companies including appreciation emails, trips, and team building to boost self-worth of their employees. As a result, most employees become part and parcel of the solution in the event where the company experiences problems. 

An all-inclusive culture 

Companies also create an all-inclusive and considerate culture in the workplace. This is tailor-made to boost the level of employee retention.

When employees relate to each other as family and friends, they are bound to work for long in a company. This is because apart from work, they can easily spend quality time together, sharing and exchanging ideas.

This kind of culture fosters a comfortable, good, and long-term relationship between the employees and the employer. 

Tech giants often use mentorship programs and code of conduct that appeals to all employees regardless of cultural backgrounds. Some organizations use surveys that measure the level of employee satisfaction.

With the results, it becomes easy for the company to work on actionable solutions for a culture that creates a conducive work environment for all. 

An excellent HR department 

The HR department is one of the most crucial in the tech world. Having a trustworthy and reliable HR department ensures that employees work efficiently.

What’s more, in the event where there is an issue that needs to be addressed, the HR department can handle it without bias. A good HR team creates a; 

  • Safe working space. 
  • Has a team of informed professionals. 
  • Works without bias. 
  • Can handle questions or problems raised by employees within the shortest time possible. 

Such an HR team makes the work experience of employees more satisfactory because no one fears to be fired for raising an issue.

In addition, it shows that the company is committed to providing a haven that enables them to work, feel empowered, and to focus on what really matters; their job. 

A good HR department also plays a crucial role in building trust and loyalty amongst employees. This goes a long way in ensuring good working relationships. Furthermore, it leads to increased productivity within the organization, because employees will dedicate their time and energy at the workplace to the success of the organization. 

In a nutshell, tech giants focus on making their employees a priority. They make them feel valued and empowered. They incorporate ideas that help them to realize their full potential for the benefit of all parties. 

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