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How To Attract Customers From Your Business Competition

One of the best and most lucrative ways for you to improve your business would be for you to attract customers who currently shop with your competition. When you do this, you will essentially be growing your company while also limiting your competition.

This can really work in your favour, not to mention that it can also help you to paint a much clearer picture of what’s happening in the market.

Lower your Prices

Being the cheapest supplier can be a fantastic way for you to boost your business. This is especially the case if you sell commodity items, such as CDs, DVDs or even books.

After all, if you sell an identical product to your competitor then it’s understandable why consumers will look for the cheapest price.

  • If you don’t sell commodity items on the other hand, then cheap pricing can sometimes make your product look inferior.
  • If you want to stop this then look at your competitor’s pricing structure before you go ahead and slash your own prices.
  • If you don’t then you could damage your brand’s value and this is the last thing that you need.

Brand Loyalty

Inviting customers to become part of your brand can be a great way for you to grow your business. Customers want to become part of a group that delivers great goods and services.

This is the key to building emotional ties, which can instill loyalty and devotion. Take Apple for example, they have a tribe of loyal customers who are willing to break the bank just to buy their products.

  • If you are able to replicate this then you will be putting your company in a very strong position.

Raising your Profile

Social media has made it easier than ever to make personal and direct connections. One way for you to take advantage of this would be for you to offer discounts or even competitions through your online profile. This will help you to attract some of your competitor’s customers and it will also encourage them to follow you too.

  • If you use your social media profile to push sales or if you use aggressive marketing then this won’t get you very far, and you may eventually fade out to the point where you’re just like every other business out there.

Track your Results

Tracking your results can also help you to get more customers. Software will empower your business, so invest in Google Analytics and also track your sales funnel.

It’s also worth hiring a Microsoft Power BI consultant too, as they will be able to help you to get the edge. The best thing about tracking your results is that it helps you to see your strongest selling points so that you can capitalise on them effectively.

For example, if you know that you sell one product more than anything else, then market this more, push it out there and show your customers why it’s better than your competitors. This will work wonders for your sales and even your bottom line too.

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