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How To Build An Effective Online Training Program

Your employees are likely to be motivated and engaged when learning new skills at work. Additionally, your most valuable staff members are those always eager to learn new things and improve their skills. Traditionally, training has been conducted in person. However, especially in these times, companies are finding other alternatives and one of the quickest and most effective methods is online training. An IBM study suggests that your business can gain $30 worth of productivity for every dollar spent on online training. Therefore, moving your staff training from offline to online can benefit your business significantly. Here is how to create a solid online training strategy. 

  1. Build content plan 

Keeping your staff interested should be a top priority when planning and developing employee online training modules. Your ability to hold your employee’s attention from one stage to another can determine how quickly you can complete the training. Consider uploading photographs, videos, webinars, and other content types via the learning management system throughout the training.

This can provide a decent balance to avoid information fatigue and guarantee continued staff engagement. You can begin by sharing a PDF, continue with a slide presentation, and complete training with a video. 

  1. Make online training flexible

Your staff should be able to fit the online training into their current schedules instead of having to juggle other obligations. Therefore, create an interactive online training map that allows your employees to select relevant modules. This allows them to receive training whenever and wherever convenient for them. Additionally, making your online training flexible can enable your trainees to understand concepts and fully comprehend subjects before moving forward. 

  1. Back and promote long-term value

It is not enough to consider online employee training for your business. Investing and promoting it for long-term value is useful for ensuring your overall business success. Your employees may fail to appreciate how the online training benefits them and the business if those in top management are not excited about it. This can affect communication and how everyone perceives it.

Avoid treating it as another checklist item by ensuring your leaders and top managers commit to implementing the course to influence their teams.

Consider what value the training will bring to every business layer, from generating revenues to enhancing staff skills and knowledge and improving workplace productivity. 

  1. Get feedback

Feedback is a critical component of effective learning. It is useful for evaluating their understanding of the training or courses. It also increases learners’ confidence, motivates them to learn, and ultimately directs them in the timely completion of the set targets.

If you implement an online training program for your workplace, ensure that your employees test it. There is no point in going ahead with a particular strategy if it doesn’t meet your employees’ expectations or solve any problems. This can make it challenging to keep them interested. 

  1. Design training to suit your workplace

No two online training programs are designed the same way. So it can be useful to find out whether your current online training program addresses your business concerns. Additionally, ensure the course resonates with your staff’s experience. This way, you can choose the right, relevant, applicable and engaging online training program for your workplace. 

  1. Provide professional development opportunities 

It is okay to focus on providing your employees with the needed training to boost their knowledge and relevant skills. However, it will be an added advantage to provide them access to some outside resources and training opportunities to aid their professional development.

A study on organizational and employee development showed that employees consider companies that offer skills development and additional career opportunities when job searching. For instance, you can offer your wind turbine technicians online training that combines education, safety, and career training for their long-term success. You can check out this wind turbine school to train your technicians online. 

  1. Track your online training program 

Developing an online training program without tracking how it enhances employee engagement and capabilities can be pointless. So, ensure the training program includes tracking and reporting the process and completion success. This way, improving or selecting the right methods for your online course can be easier to maintain a productive and competent working team. Also, implement effective strategies to review key performance indicators that prove the training’s impact on employee productivity and engagement. 

Many businesses worldwide continue to function remotely due to the pandemic and find new ways to provide their products and services to their clients. Going through it can initially feel intimidating, but you can consider the techniques above to successfully train your staff online.


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