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How To Choose The Right Company Car

Getting your first company car can be an exciting milestone for any business. It is often a sign that you are doing well and can afford to invest in a vehicle, but of course, a company car is more than that it is a valuable asset for your business, which enables you to get things done, or at least, it should be!

So many companies get it wrong when buying a car for their business, which is why, below, we have a guide to getting it right!

First, Think Fuel

These days fuel prices are up and down more than the average rollercoaster at Blackpool, so it is really important that you consider fuel efficiency when you are buying a car for your company, especially if you want to be able to keep your expenses down. So, when you’re at edmunds, look for a car that sips petrol more politely than a tea-loving Brit or, better yet, consider going electric. Not only will you be doing your bit for the planet, but you’ll also save a bundle on fuel costs. Plus, you get to smugly drive past petrol stations, waving at the poor souls filling up.

Space is So Important

Depending on what you are going to be using your company car for, it is probably fair to say that space will be a major consideration that you should not neglect. Whether you’re carting around samples, tech gear, or a backseat driver (looking at you, Gary from accounting), space matters. Hatchbacks and SUVs are probably the most versatile vehicles of the car world, offering flexibility for both people and cargo, so they are always a good shout. Just remember, more space means more room for forgotten fast food wrappers and the mysterious smell that comes with them.

Make Time for Tech

In this day and age, a car without Bluetooth is like a pub without beer – utterly disappointing. Look for rides equipped with the latest tech to keep you connected, entertained, and headed in the right direction (because let’s face it, getting lost on the way to a client meeting is as fun as a sunburn at said pub). Hands-free connectivity, GPS, and safety features like lane-keeping assist aren’t just fancy add-ons; they’re essentials for the modern road warrior.

Don’t Forget About Brand

Ah, but what about the brand and model? Here’s where you can let a bit of personality shine through. Choosing a reputable brand not only ensures reliability but also sends a message. Want to exude success and sophistication? Go for something sleek and European. Keen to show you’re practical yet adventurous? A sturdy Aussie ute might be your speed. Remember, your company car says a lot about you and your business, so choose wisely, lest you end up with a ride that screams “mid-life crisis” instead of “market leader.”

Keep Costs in Mind

Finally, consider the overall cost of ownership. This isn’t just about the sticker price; it’s about maintenance, insurance, and resale value. You want a car that’s more of a thoroughbred racehorse and less of a money pit. Do your homework, crunch the numbers, and maybe sweet-talk someone in finance to give it the once-over.

Keep these pointers in mind, and you’ll be on your way to snagging a ride that’s as impressive in the car park as it is on the balance sheet. 

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