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How To Get Bad Credit Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval Up To $5,000

When you decide to apply for a long-term personal allowance, lending providers review your credit report and other financial aspects to decide whether to approve your request. If you have excellent credit (a score range between 720 and 850) and a stable income, the lender’s decision is often quick and easy. But when your score is less-than-perfect (670 and below), this might cause the lender to deny your application or approve it at a high APR.

However, having a low FICO score doesn’t mean you are not eligible to get larger amounts, such as bad credit personal loans with guaranteed approval up to $5,000 . If that’s your case, you will have to put some extra time and effort to qualify. But doing so, you can ultimately improve your odds and could get a loan with fair terms.

Where to Get a Bad Credit Loan?

Lenders fall into two broad categories: online providers and traditional banks or credit unions. While some lenders are known for their easy qualification process, others have a reputation for fast funding and flexible repayment terms. Nevertheless, both groups lend to bad-credit borrowers.

Credit unions or banks. These are traditional places to turn if you have thin credit. To borrow from it, however, you need to be a member of a credit union or a bank company, respectively. 

Most brick-and-mortar agencies usually consider a borrower’s history as a member when making a decision. That’s why it is recommended to have a good relationship with the company as it could help with approval.

Apart from that, some federally charted credit unions may offer various benefits and consumer-friendly features, including a lower annual percentage rate capped at 18%.

Online lenders. There is no shortage of options when it comes to personal allowances. Some providers, like Avant and Lending Point, offer some of the best personal loans for bad credit with guaranteed approval from $5,000 to $40,000. In addition, they include consumer-friendly features, like no prepayment penalties and check rates with no impact on your credit.

What Types Of Bad Credit Loans are Best?

If you have poor credit but want to get a personal allowance, there are several options to take into account, including:

Personal Loans with a Co-Signer

When your request needs a boost to meet lender requirements, taking out a loan with a co-signer may improve your odds of getting guaranteed approval up to $5,000 for a bad credit personal loan. However, a person you decide to co-sign with should ideally have good credit history and stable income to potentially cover your loan payments.

Secured Loans

Secured loans and credit cards are tied to collateral and may be easy to qualify for when you have less-than-perfect credit . In addition, they tend to come with lower interest rates as the lender can seize your valuable item if you fail to repay your allowance.

Similarly to bad credit loans with a co-signer, secured loans can help improve your FICO over time. However, make sure you use lenders that report your activity to credit bureaus, and always repay before the due date.

No-Credit-Check Loans

Such options as payday loans or credit cash advances don’t require hard credit checks to get approved. Even though they may seem appealing to borrow at first, lenders often limit loan amounts and charge predatory high-interest rates for them. Under these poor terms, many borrowers are unable to repay and end up borrowing again when the payment is due.

Qualify for a Bad Credit Loan Wisely: 3 Steps

A guaranteed approval decision of up to $5,000 is not easy to get. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible. It means you need to be prepared in advance. That’s why it is crucial to consider the following when you decide to take out a personal loan with bad credit.

  1. Check your credit. Review your credit reports to understand what they contain and find any errors. Fake negative marks on your report may decrease your score, and fixing them could boost your chances.
  2. Compare offers. Not all lenders are created equal. Some are known for their fast funding, others have a reputation for affordable charges. It is worth investigating multiple options before selecting the right one.
  3. Pre-qualify. This feature can show you what rate, amount, and loan term to expect without affecting your credit score. It will be especially helpful when you want to compare offers and define whether you qualify for them.

These simple steps can help you increase odds for a bad credit personal allowance, as well as you may qualify for better rates with their help.

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