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How To Juggle A Full Time Job With Getting A Degree

Going back to school later in life when you have more responsibilities is very challenging. You have to be a master organizer to be able to work full time, raise kids and handle other responsibilities while studying at the same time.

College isn’t easy even when you don’t have any of those other things to do so people rightly struggle when they have to. Paying for college is also a huge burden and some people simply have to work full time to be able to survive while also going to school.

Investing in your education is very important if you want to get ahead in life, so although it will be a challenge, you can work and study at the same time.

In this article, I will go over several ways you can manage to do both.

Do an online degree

Colleges like Maryville University have their full curriculum online and now you can pretty much study at any university you are accepted to by getting an online degree.

The best part about studying online with an accredited university is that the degree is the same as if you took the traditional route. In other words, you don’t receive an online degree. You simply receive a degree just like anybody else. There is nothing on their to differentiate it.

Many universities have the same professors leading their online classes as the campus based ones so you get the same excellent education but with the advantage of doing it from home.

It is much easier to juggle work and other responsibilities when you can study on your own time.

Work with your employer

Your employer may be more receptive to your studies than you think. If you let them know that you plan to go back to school and let them know about the challenges you are going to face, they may be able to accommodate you with a new schedule or some flexibility.

If your degree will help you with your current career, your employer may be particularly enthusiastic about you getting your degree and find ways to help you achieve your goal. In some cases, they may even help you financially to help pay for school or even give you a raise when you get your degree.

And while you’re studying, if the education you are getting can be used somehow in your current job, then start integrating the things you’ve learned. You will prove yourself to be a more valuable employee and an asset to your company.

Manage your time well

Your enthusiasm with returning to school can cloud your judgement in how much you can actually do. Don’t try to overdo it, especially when you are just getting back.

In fact, it is probably a good idea to start out by taking a part time schedule. If you feel like you have managed your time well after that first semester then you can go full time the next and see what happens.

If you try to do too much you could end up affecting your grades and even burn out and take a break from your studies. This could prolong how long this can take to finish.

Take breaks for yourself

If you have every hour of the day scheduled between work, school and other responsibilities and none blocked off to do things you enjoy or just to relax, then you’re likely to burn out.

Make sure to set some time aside to do things like go to the gym or for walks. Getting exercise is going to be essential as it can relieve stress and give you energy to get through some grueling days.

You also need time to just sit and do nothing, or watch a movie. Doing something quiet in which you can turn off your brain will actually help you be more productive when you are at work or studying. If you don’t take time off to take care of yourself, you’ll actually be far less productive.

Have a network

You’re going to be living a life that your colleagues or friends will not understand. They aren’t facing the same challenges so they won’t know what it is like.

Make sure to befriend others at your university that can get you through those rough times. Even just being a sympathetic ear will be helpful since they understand what you are going through.

There will even be times that your support network pulls through to help get you through some challenges like helping you study for an exam.

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