How To Land A Job In Finance by

How To Land A Job In Finance

Finance may be a competitive sector to get into, but once you’ve got your foot in the door you’re guaranteed a secure and well paid career. For those hungry for a job in finance, here are just a few tips to help you land that high-flying job.

Get educated

Having an education behind you is often necessary. When picking your degree, you can either choose something broad such as Economics or something niche such as Finance Analytics. A broad degree will allow you to keep your options open, whilst a more niche degree will help you to target a more specific area of finance. Compare courses until you find a course with itinerary that appeals to you.

Consider an internship

Internships can help give you experience which will also benefit you. They often have limited places, so it’s worth applying early. Many internships lead onto full time positions, however they may be unpaid, which is something to be wary of. It’s also possible to look into sandwich courses that combine a three year degree with a year of work experience.

Familiarise yourself with the tools

Many jobs in finance require using specialist software. Getting to grips with this software can be handy – this could include an automated trading programme if you’re a budding stockbroker or accounting software if you’re looking to get into bookkeeping. You may be able to teach yourself the ropes. If not, there’s are usually courses that you can take to help familiarise yourself with software.

Start a finance blog/vlog

Employers like to see proof of a passion for finance. One way to showcase this is to start a finance blog or vlog. A blog involves written posts whilst a vlog involves creating YouTube videos – both can be great ways to show off your expertise. Make sure that if you’re creating a vlog, you’ve got a good quality camera and microphone. Most people use blogs and vlogs to offer advice – by making your content useful in this way, you’ll attract more readers/viewers.

Do some freelance work

Freelancing can further show your enthusiasm for finance as well as showing that you’re self-motivated. This could include helping a friend or family member with their accounting or looking after someone’s investments for them. You can even take up odd jobs online using the likes of Fiverr. Freelancing could even be a career route itself – you don’t have to work for an employer and you may find that your thrive finding your own work.

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