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How To Level Up Your Life This Year

We usually start working on our new year’s resolutions in January or at least start putting plans in place to make them a reality. Unfortunately, many new year’s resolutions are forgotten or abandoned after only a few weeks. Here are a few ideas to help you level up and better yourself in many facets of your life during the year. An excellent goal is to live a life that reflects wellness, make positive adjustments, and encourage yourself to be a better human day after day.

Level Up Your Eating

It is not always possible to eat healthy foods. However, to become your greatest version of yourself, you should look to consume foods that make you feel great, incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables, and make meals that you love eating. Foods that are reduced in processed fats and not high in sugar are a fantastic place to start!

Learn to prepare meals at home instead of ordering a takeaway. Healthy eating isn’t always associated with salads and bland dishes, so do some research and identify things that are both beneficial for your body and delightful. Every now and then, switch from a bag of chips to a dish of fruit that is high in nutrients that will feed and replenish your body.

Level Up Your Exercise

Workouts are either well-liked or despised. Whether you have an exercise programme and go to the gym on a regular basis, or you don’t, it’s equally crucial to fit it into your life. To keep healthy, it’s recommended that you exercise your body for at least 30 min each day, so try to incorporate some type of activity into your daily routine.

Always be active, productive, and determined if you want to level up. Exercise isn’t necessary to lose weight unless that’s your objective; instead, do it because you want to and would like to improve yourself. Exercising releases endorphins, which make us feel better, so take a stroll or run around your local area to start your day.

Level Up Your Knowledge

You must always be educating yourself and progressing as much as possible. If you want to advance in your career, you must constantly seek out new opportunities to learn and absorb new information in all aspects of your life. You can look to take a class in something you’ve always been interested in like if you wanted to learn about aviation.

It’s also possible that you’d like to learn more about some of the elements of yourself, such as self-confidence. Take other classes, listen to influential mentors, start new podcasts, and read additional books to expand your knowledge. Being a more educated form of oneself will give you more power.

Level Up Your Affirmations

“Affirmation” may sound intimidating or clichéd, yet it provides the foundation for a fantastic summer. Start with “I am” and work your way up to positive statements, and you’ll begin to believe in yourself. It’s up to you whether you write it down, read it out, or repeat it in your brain.

Find a method that is pleasant for you, but not one that you are uncomfortable with. When you’re broke, for example, declaring “I’m financially solid and abundant.” won’t help you pay off your credit card bills. It typically causes you to step back from your troubles.

Level Up Your Positive Surroundings

If there’s anything you want to break off as it’s toxic to your life, do it now. Alcohol, an individual, social media profiles, or social media altogether can all be culprits. You are not a horrible person if you step away from any type of relationship or if you are choosy about your overall preferences.

People come and leave, at any time in your life, and that’s natural. Make choices based on what is best for you, not what is best for someone else. . Play the lead role in your own film and direct it.

Level Up Your Hobby

Our hobbies help form our character and are an extension of our personality. You can level up your hobbies by making sure they serve you in some way.

Have a hobby that contributes towards good health like tennis or running. You can also look to have a hobby that helps make you money like copywriting or making things to sell. And finally, you can look to have a hobby that contributes towards your mental health, whether that is meditation, practising gratitude or manifestation. Whatever serves you is the key to choosing how you spend your time. 

Level Up Your Space

Our homes are where we spend a lot of our time. It is where we unwind at the end of a long day, where we make memories with our family and friends and where we reciter ourselves when everything feels just a bit too much mentally or emotionally.

When our space and homes are cluttered and dirty it doesn’t serve us and can just make us feel more stressed when we get home thinking about the washing we need to do or the dishes piling up. Treat your home as your place to escape, if you have issues with clutter then try to live a more minimal life. Take some time to have a big declutter, only keep things that serve you or have sentimental value.

By having less stuff everywhere it will help you feel more relaxed. The next step is to then make sure you have things in your home which help you feel relaxed and at peace. Nature and plants are great for this as they have been proven to help reduce anxiety and improve the air quality in homes. Candles and low lights are also great for a relaxed cosy night feel. 

Trying to implement all of these things at once may feel very overwhelming so assess what your priority is and work your way through on what you need to do sooner and what can wait. By doing this you are giving yourself a better chance at it succeeding and making it a part of your lifestyle. 

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