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How To Make A Career Transition Into The Freight Industry

The freight industry is a dynamic industry which is reliant upon the transport of goods throughout the supply chain. If you find the idea of arranging logistics and overcoming shipping challenges exciting, then this sector might be for you. Here are some careers to consider when trying to make a transition into the freight industry.

Freight Broker

Freight brokerages are relationships made between shippers and carriers to complete the delivery of goods for a customer. A freight broker is one that uses their skills to forge these relationships on behalf of a third party, like the shipper or carrier. They also provide freight factoring services which allows you to get paid in advance before carrying the load to the destination. For more info on truck factoring, click URL here. It’s a great role in the industry if you have good people skills, as you will spend a lot of time networking and developing relationships between key people in the freight sector.


A dropshipper is someone that fulfills orders on behalf of customers without holding stock. The business owner essentially works as the eCommerce arm of an existing goods producer.

They curate a set stock list on behalf of producers or inventors, and then use a shipping service to get those goods transported to a customer. They are a middle man between a business with stock and a customer looking to get that particular product online.

Dropshipping might be for you if you like the idea of running an eCommerce business but do not want the hassle of storing goods.

Logistics Manager

A logistics manager is someone responsible for ensuring that goods move smoothly throughout the supply chain of their business.

It’s a great role for someone that likes problem-solving as there are many issues that will crop up along a supply chain that need to be resolved. You may be responsible for managing issues due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances, recruiting new drivers, and vetting new warehouses or suppliers. 

Truck Driver

A truck driver is right at the core of the freight industry. They are the ones that physically transport goods on the road, and make sure that customer items get from point A to B.

The role of a truck driver may be for you if you’re happy being alone and driving for long periods of time. You will of course need to be over 18, have a clean driving license, and have certain truck driving qualifications before you can become a truck driver. Due to high demand certain agencies might help you get your truck license, so check when you apply.


The freight industry is a varied and dynamic industry with a wide range of roles for those that find logistics and goods transportation interesting. You can be right at the heart of it as a truck driver, or help forge relationships as a freight broker. If you find the idea of sorting out logistics interesting, a logistics management role might be for you. Finally, dropshipping is an ideal way to be part of the freight industry while running your own successful eCommerce venture. Consider which one is right for you and your personality. 

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