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How To Make Customers Feel Valued

Customers are everything to our business, without them we wouldn’t survive, that’s why it is important we make our customers feel valued. There are a few ways that you as a business can do this and we have gathered them all below for you. Implement these techniques and ideas into your business and you will have customers feeling valued and loyal in no time.

Create A loyalty Scheme

A loyalty scheme is a great way to keep existing customers and make new customers stay. There are a few ways you can offer a loyalty scheme so choose one that is right for your business. One way is to have a card that you stamp every time they make a purchase and when the card is full the customer gets a reward, this could be a percentage off their next purchase, a free product or a voucher.

Another way is to create a points system, everytime the customer spends money at your business the total price they pay gets converted into points. Once your points add up the customer can use them as credit to buy or put towards buying one of your products.

Having a loyalty scheme makes customers feel special as it feels like they are getting something more than the average consumer. It is also a great way to boost profit as customers with loyalty cards tend to spend more than they usually would to get their freebie at the end.

Run Contests

Contests are a great way to get your business noticed, they showcase your product as well as getting customer engagement. This usually works best on social media, so first figure out what you want to give away, is it a product, a service or a voucher etc. Then post it on your social media platform, create some rules.

Common rules are that you have to like, comment and share the post to be entered into the competition. This then is a fantastic way to get your business seen by new customers. To make you customers feel really valued, run your contests within your newsletter aimed at customers only. This will make them feel like they are exclusive to the contest.

Give Away Freebies

Another idea is to give away freebies, we all love that lollypop at the end of a medical exam as a child, applying the same concept to your adult customers will work just as well.

Think about what freebies you would like to offer, is it sweets, a key chain or to think outside the box you could offer branded coins, Challenge Coins Ltd is a great inspiration for this. When customers receive something for free they feel privileged and will usually become more loyal. So really have a think about what your customers would want.

We hope these tips have helped, remember a valued customer is a repeat customer, they are also more likely to refer you to a friend if they feel special. While you are here check out our tips on How To Be A Company That Helps People

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