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How To Make The Most Of An Industrial Shutdown

Managing an industrial property is fraught with challenges, one of which is the threat of being shut down.

Even if your property is perfectly maintained, you still need to shut down at some point in the year for various reasons.

For example, some types of industrial inspection require a shutdown. You might also need to shut down your premises if there is an outbreak of the Coronavirus, which could put your organisation behind on its work.

If you’re managing an industrial property and face an industrial shutdown, then here are some practical tips on how to make the most of it.

Use The Opportunity To Deep Clean Your Premises

While your workplace is empty and shutdown, you should consider deep-cleaning it. This is particularly crucial if a Coronavirus outbreak is suspected among your workforce. After all, if you’ve had a suspected case, then you need to make sure that it is completely pristine and decontaminated before you allow your staff to return. Ideal Cleaning specialises in industrial cleaning and decontamination, so consider these services to make the most out of the shutdown.

Review Your Workplace Procedures

During the hustle and bustle of everyday industrial operations, you probably don’t get a lot of time to review your procedures. However, when the property is shut down, you can go through your procedures and check for any inconsistencies or inefficiencies. You can then amend them and send them to your staff, who will have time to review them before they return to work.

Schedule As Much Maintenance As Possible For Each Shutdown

For scheduled shutdowns, you should optimise them by scheduling as much maintenance as possible at the same time. So, if you have a gas engineer in, then you could also invite your mechanical engineers to come in and review the health of your equipment. By getting more maintenance done at once, you’ll reduce the number of scheduled shutdowns that you have to conduct throughout the year.

Conduct A Health And Safety Audit

While everyone is onsite and the machines are up and running, it can be a challenge to conduct a thorough health and safety audit. As such, you should consider using the shutdown as a chance to conduct an audit of your premises’s health and safety procedures. Use a checklist approved by the UK Government to assess your property and make any necessary changes to ensure the health and safety of your team.

Catch Up On Paperwork

Even a short industrial shutdown can save you time if you make the most of it. If you’re shutting down for a day to host an inspection or for routine maintenance, then you can use your spare time to catch up on paperwork.

An industrial shutdown might seem like an issue for your company, but if you view it as an opportunity, then it can benefit you in the long run. This article should inspire you to use your shutdown to your advantage and make the most of it.

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