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The HR Image

Celebrities have professional stylists for a reason.

They understand their image is their brand, and half of the time, the image is what sells the idea. Though pop culture can seem removed from the corporate world, image is still a highly valued commodity.

The higher up the corporate ladder, it becomes more important to present yourself as a ‘respectable’ individual, and nowhere is this more important than HR.

Because you are the face of the company both to the outside world and the company itself, you must always present the best image possible. In the end, the reason talent joins and remains with the company is a large part how it is represented.

We all know how the interview process basically goes:

an HR representative of the company meets with a candidate and asks varying questions about them, their goals, and their possible fit with the company. Because the interviewer is usually the very first person they see when going to a company for the first time, first impressions are at all-time highs. The interviewee is dressed to impress, so it is only proper that the respect is reciprocated. You should wear a nice, fitted suit, have your hair styled in a clean fashion, and should, in every aspect, be presentable.

A people professional acts as the face of management – the first point of call!

If staff is to be effective in handling the employee population in regards to enforcing rules, they themselves must set the standard.

By acting as the go between and mediator of the ideas that affect the employees when the executives see it fit to take a certain course of action, making sure you present a polished, professional appearance affects how the executives see the employees. By wearing proper clothing and always keeping a clean appearance, the higher ups will immediately associate their employees with professionalism thus affecting exactly how they make their decisions.

HR is not merely a desk job, you and your team represents the company, your leaders, and company employees in all situations. By practicing and promoting a strong and corporate image, you can support as an ambassador.

Dressing for success in a people operations setting is far more important and carries much more weight than any department.

The image built does not have to be crazy or expensive, but it should carry a hint of authority combined with making it apparent that you care what you, and your company, look like.

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