HR Software Companies. Why Do You Not Train The Next Generation Of HR?

Aaron Barrus is next in our New To HR Professional Series.

Based in the US, Aaron started working as a recruiter whilst still studying for his HR degree. His question is;

Why are HR students learning HR theories, strategies from guru’s that are not 100% applicable to business. Why are students not learning operational or tactical skills?

He also had a very good question for HR software companies.

Why is it that the next generation of HR professionals are not trained at university or given free workshops in HR Software?

I forwarded an email via LinkedIn to most of the VP’s of these HR software companies and an email to their customer service desks. No one was interested to speak to me or never responded back. Fully understand that there is some sensitivity to giving a demo video, but I am amazed at their ‘ignorance’.

Are these companies just taking into account that they will keep using their software in old client companies?

Are they profitable enough not to worry about the next generation that is so much more technology aware, like Aaron mentioned.

Will young people not be looking for smaller HR software solutions to support their people management needs, software that is applicable to the human/people side, not only employee files/metric based.

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  • Nicole Dominique Le Maire
    31/01/2014 at 12:24

    Hello Barry – that is great that you provide this to students. Do you have any video’s that I can post of these talks/seminars – would be great to share.

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