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Webinars: Why Join Them?

A webinar, or online seminar, uses video software to transmit lectures, training and presentations on the web. Usually produced with one or two presenters, when streamed live a webinar can be interactive, allowing discussion amongst professionals.

Webinars can be useful in many areas of human resources, including staying familiar with laws, industry tactics and discussion of company development. They are also an excellent tool to deliver training and information to telecommuting workers.

Many HR webinars are available online from various sites, and most pre-recorded ones are free. Covering a range of topics.

The format of a webinar is fabulously cost-effective, allowing a multitude of information to be shared with an unlimited number of people in good time. The ability to record and upload them enables anyone to access them in their own time, expanding your training reach and your relationship with your employees.

There’s no travel cost to watch a webinar, and industries already possess all of the equipment needed to display them, at most they may need to acquire certain software.

Employees are normally happier to sit and watch a webinar opposed to in-office meetings and training, and may often do so in their own time to further their knowledge, as they can access them at home or even while commuting.

Pre-recorded webinars can be paused, re-winded and saved for later – ensuring no part is missed or misunderstood.

A successful webinar is well prepared and covers interesting content.

New To HR recommends conducting polls, quizzes and incentives such as raffles to keep your audience interested. If they start to slump, they are not going to take in any of the information you are providing.

They also recommend following-up with attendee’s post-webinar, and assessing whether or not your webinar could be used for marketing purposes.

A great way HR can utilize the webinar function is to schedule a number of them in advance, and relate each one to a different aspect of for example occupational health, company policy or development. For example, if your office seems to be dealing with a lot of employee-centered social media trouble, hosting a webinar on your company’s online policy can reach a lot of people with minimal effort. It also showcases that you are listening to their concerns and have acted upon them.

Webinars are an indispensable tool that the people operations team can utilize to stay connected to the employee base and execute training schemes while staying way within their department budget.

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