Is Being a Medical Assistant a Good Career? 7 Reasons to Become One Many of us are interested in working in the medical world, but not all of us are cut out for or interested in being a doctor or nurse. While it seems like those two career paths are the only ones in the med

Is Being A Medical Assistant A Good Career? 7 Reasons To Become One

Many of us are interested in working in the medical world, but not all of us are cut out for or interested in being a doctor or nurse. While it seems like those two career paths are the only ones in the medical field, there’s actually another available to you — medical assistant.

If you’re wondering is a medical assistant a good career, then read on. Here are seven reasons to choose this career path.

1. Get Started Quickly

To become a doctor or a nurse, you’ll have to go through years of intensive schooling and training. While those are certainly rewarding professions, you may not have the time or money to spend working your way up toward your career.

When you choose to become a medical assistant instead, you cut down the waiting time significantly. Most programs allow you to complete training and get out into the field within one year. Some even offer part-time schedules so you can still work and pay the bills while you train for a better career.

2. There’s Good Job Availability

With many career choices, there’s always the uncertainty that a job will be hard to find after you’ve completed schooling and/or training. That won’t be the case with the profession of a medical assistant.

Seeing as medicine is constantly evolving, and the need for treatment is timeless, medical assistants will always be in demand. In fact, it’s been projected by the US Department of Labor that from 2016 to 2026, there will be an increase of medical assistant jobs by 29%.

Whatever time or money you invest in training for this career, you can trust that your odds of finding employment are pretty good once you’ve gotten the mandated requirements. There’s a growing population of baby boomers growing older and needing medical care, so you’ll be in high demand.

3. You’ll Have a Stable Career

Again, the medical assistant profession most likely won’t die out. So this means not only will you not struggle to find a job once you’ve completed training, but that you’ll also have good job security.

So long as you’re excellent at what you do, there should be practically no fears of being fired. Medical assistants are in high demand, so any institution that hires you will probably keep you on staff for the long term. Having confidence in your job security can do wonders for your mental health and well-being.

4. You’ll Get to Do What You Love

This should be the biggest reason to become a medical assistant — you’ll get to do what you love! If you’re someone who loves helping others, this career choice will be highly rewarding. You’ll assist patients with their ailments and get satisfaction knowing you’ve done something to make their lives better.

Also, you’ll never stop learning while on the job. Even if you’ve removed sutures a million times, there may be a unique case that comes up that requires you to do it in a slightly different way.

If you love to be challenged while at work, you won’t be disappointed as a medical assistant. This fast-paced and exciting profession will let you tackle difficulties with rewarding outcomes.

5. You’re Not Tied down to One State

This job has a lot of flexibility. You can work in clinics, hospitals, private practices, and other medical care facilities. But that’s not all!

You can also work in different states, which means you’re not tied down to whichever area you start in. So long as you have the National Certified Medical Assistant certification, you’re authorized to work in any state you wish.

So instead of being limited to work in one state, you can expand your job search to all 50 if you wish. This enables you to have much better opportunities at your fingertips.

6. You’ll Have a Flexible Schedule

It’s most likely you’ll have to work a 40-hour week still as a medical assistant. However, you’ll be able to choose shifts that better accommodate your personal life. For instance, if you want to be present during the day with your family, then you can choose to work night shifts at the hospital.

Not only will your schedule be flexible, but it’ll also be predictable. While doctors and nurses have to pull unexpected shifts, medical assistants have predictable schedules, especially if the clinic or private practice you work at has set hours.

7. You Can Upgrade Your Career Later

Being a medical assistant is already a very rewarding career, but there is room for advancement if that’s what you want to pursue. Often, medical assistants with seniority can advance to positions like an office manager, which comes with extra responsibilities and better pay.

Or, you can get a feel for the medical field and go to nursing school if you feel like this is where you belong. With your background as a medical assistant, nursing school will be easier to tackle.

For more in-depth reasons on why becoming a medical assistant is great, Intercoast explains more.

Is Medical Assistant a Good Career? Yes!

As you can see, “yes” is the clear answer to the question is medical assistant a good career? Not only is the training time very short compared to other careers, in the medical field, but it also offers a lot of flexibility and choices.

Once you get your basic training done for being a medical assistant, it opens the door to many opportunities, plus you won’t have to spend a fortune doing so. Consider becoming a medical assistant today!

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