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Is It Time to Change Your Career?

1. You feel drained from work. 

Feeling tired, unmotivated, and stressed are all part of everyone’s jobs. However, when these feelings continue to persist throughout months and months of work, it may be time to change something. 

If you are ending your work every day feeling both physically and mentally drained, then you should start to find the root of your problem. 

Is it a tough time for the company, or is it just you? Can you do anything to help? 

These are the critical questions to ask. Feeling burned out isn’t uncommon, so maybe taking a break can help. If not, then reconsider your choices. 

2. You can’t grow anymore.

An environment that allows you to improve your skills and grow as a team member is worth staying in. 

If you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock where you are not learning something new and can’t explore your creativity, then you can start thinking of new paths to take. 

3. Salary doesn’t compensate for the dreadful work.

The payment we receive for our work is among the most significant factors for choosing a career. The security of a paycheck is what keeps us afloat. 

However, when job dissatisfaction hits an all-time high, even the highest salary can’t make up. Money does put food on the table, but when all you want to do is quit the miserable job you’ve been doing, then payment becomes insignificant. 

If you are financially at a place where you can explore other career options regardless of receiving payment, venture out and see what happens. You might even find the next exciting project you’ve been looking forward to all this time.  

4.Your personal life is being affected. 

When your work stresses you out to the point where your personal life and relationships are affected, you know something’s not right. Your career should be inspiring you to do better, not beating you down. 

Sleepless nights, constant run-ins with household members, and anxiety, in general, are all by-products of a toxic job. 

Before you move on to find a new career path, it’s better to take time to understand what motivates you. There are great programs, including the workshops of Peter Sandhill that help with personal development and productiveness.

When you know yourself and your values better, you can make better decisions, whether with your career or personal life. 

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