Its a Match! Merging Your Pesonality With Your Career by #NewToHR

It’s A Match! Merging Your Personality With A Career

Your career lasts a lifetime, so it should be something which gets you out of bed in the morning. Money is an excellent motivator, yet you don’t want your life to be superficial.

For a well-rounded existence, it’s important to love what you do, and, to do that, you need to match your personality with your career choice. After all, it’s easy to put in the work when it doesn’t feel as if you’re putting in a day’s shift.

With that in mind, below is a list of tips which should help you swipe right and find a perfect match. Remember: if it doesn’t work now there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Forensically Reflect

Before you can sync a career with your personality, it’s essential to know what traits are yours.

For example, are you an introvert or an extrovert?

  • Are you organized or do you thrive when working off the cuff?
  • Is pressure exciting or does it make you sweat at the thought of it?

Once you realize what makes you tick, that is when a role becomes obvious.

Think about an introvert. 

They are generally quiet and unassuming and work best alone, so a fast-paced, teamwork-based position wouldn’t suit them. Instead, they may like to work as a veterinarian or a paralegal or a bookkeeper. (although NASA hires introverts as well 😉)

Don’t Assume

The last paragraph stated some industries which are typically full of introverted people, and you can do the same for all personality types. However, please don’t assume that these general jobs are excellent career choices. After all, there may be things which make them terrible options. If you’re an extrovert searching for a role in real estate, the idea of earning commission might be a deal breaker. So, don’t assume that the literature is correct. Instead, delve into the specifics and learn more about the sector.

Do What You Love

There is one way to follow Confucius’ words, and that’s to make your passion your career. Otherwise, you’ll never have fun while in the “office,” and there won’t be an enjoyment factor. The trick is to get creative to give yourself plenty of wiggle room. Animal-lovers want to be vets yet the profession is exclusive. So, looking for a job or career in agriculture is a savvy way to meet in the middle. You’ll be dealing with plenty of animals while out in the natural world. Even if the link is tedious, it’s worth exploring. Do you know how many people who love to argue are now lawyers?

Be Wary

In a perfect world, the motto of this post would be to never compromise on your values. But, people have to pay the bills and put food on the table so compromises are necessary. Still, because you’re in an industry you don’t like doesn’t mean you can’t switch at the blink of an eye. All you have to do is search for jobs in your spare time and grease your contacts. That way, you’ll be ready to abandon ship when the time is right.

Have you found a match or are you still swiping? 😉

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