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It’s Never Too Late For a Career Change

Do you dread going to work? It’s one of those things that’s expected out of life. We have to earn money to live, even if that means spending most of our time doing something we dislike. But does that really seem fair? We only get about eighty years or so, and it doesn’t seem right that most of those years are spent in a career we hate.

While it’s considered normal to dislike your job, it doesn’t have to be normal for you. Sometimes this feeling of dread is a sign that you are in a toxic work environment, which is never sustainable. Even if you love the work itself, a bad work environment can drain your energy and joy.

Another option is that you haven’t yet found the right career.

If you long for a career change, it may be time to pursue courses similar to an undergraduate business degree to open new doors. Doing this can provide a stepping stone to finding newfound fulfilment and growth on your career path as you build your knowledge in your chosen field. Many have embraced this opportunity and have never regretted the decision to embark on a career change.

Do You Have to Love Your Job?

There’s a common adage, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” But there is a danger with following this philosophy. 

If you have a hobby that you’re skilled at and can potentially monetize, you do have a great opportunity ahead of you. But, while you might enjoy your work, you might also ruin your hobby for yourself. 

Make sure that you still have some downtime where you can relax. Separate your work from your hobbies. Otherwise, you can become easily burnt out. 

The fact is that you don’t have to love your job to have a satisfying career. But you certainly don’t have to hate every minute of it.

Why Do People Resist a Career Change?

The short answer is fear. Most people are afraid of being financially insecure and potentially failing if they make the leap to a new career. There’s nothing wrong with being concerned about this, especially if you are relatively established in your current job and have a family to support.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy solution to this problem. 

You may be able to find ways to enjoy the job you have. Or you might be able to make a safer transition to a different career. 

Take the time to work out what your financial situation is, and whether you can afford a few months of insecurity. Can you cut back or create a stricter budget? 

Steps Towards Your Dream Career

The first step is to think about what career you would enjoy. If you’ve spent years training for and working in a particular field, it might be hard to consider doing anything else. But research what other careers use your current skill set and natural abilities.

You may need to retrain for your new career. For example, if you want to work with cosmetic surgery and medical treatments, you may need to get aesthetic nurse certification. The same applies to a wide range of jobs.

Once you have been trained, you will then need a foot in the door. You might have to work from the ground up, which can mean taking a pay cut until you get more experience in the field. But if it’s something you love, it’s worth the temporary sacrifice.

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