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Landlord’s Guide to Property Clean-Ups

Every landlord understands that keeping their properties clean and well-kept are crucial components of maintaining them in order to attract tenants, retain the value of the property, and ultimately increase rental returns. In this blog we’ll look at different forms of clean-ups every landlord should be familiar with.

Cleaning After Tenants Move Out

It is absolutely essential for landlords and property managers when tenants vacate a rental unit that they undergo an intensive deep clean from top to bottom – including areas which may have received less attention during the tenancy. Begin with deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom ensuring all appliances, fixtures, surfaces are thoroughly sanitized. Moving onto living rooms and bedrooms where carpets should be professionally cleaned while walls must be wiped down or painted if necessary – including less obvious spots like baseboards, window sills, light fixtures and so on. Making sure the property is suitable and presentable when potential new potential tenancy begins again.

Post-Renovation Clean-Up

Following any renovation or remodeling project, property owners often face an extensive clean-up task to clear away the dust and debris left behind. Cleaning after renovation requires more than just surface-level clean up. It requires a comprehensive approach that goes deeper to ensure the property is safe, hygienic, and fit for human habitation. Tasks might include dusting all surfaces, vacuuming and mopping floors, washing windows and cleaning fixtures and appliances as needed. At times, professional cleaning services may be necessary to remove construction dust and debris that poses health risks if left uncovered. With proper post-renovation clean-up, your renovated property will shine and be prepared to impress any prospective tenants.

Blood and Crime Scene Clean-Up

In certain instances, landlords may find themselves with the responsibility of cleaning up after an act of crime has taken place on their properties. Clean-up requires following specific procedures that ensure all biohazardous material, such as blood or other bodily fluids, are removed safely, while simultaneously disinfecting and sanitizing the property properly. Due to the delicate and potentially health-threatening nature of crime scene clean-ups, it is highly advised to hire trained professionals equipped for blood & crime scene cleanup. Your cleaning professional follows strict protocols for cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing the premises while adhering to all local and federal regulations. A careful and comprehensive cleanup helps protect future tenants while simultaneously maintaining its value.

Emergency Clean-Up

Being a landlord means being prepared for unexpected events such as floods, fires and severe property damage that necessitate emergency clean-up services. Disaster can leave an enormous mess and requires immediate action to prevent further damage and preserve property safety. Clean-up may involve water extraction, drying out and dehumidifying flood areas, soot and smoke removal or even structural repair as necessary. Professional emergency clean-up services have the experience necessary to quickly respond and restore property back to its original state, mitigating damage quickly and reducing restoration expenses significantly. Whether it be a burst pipe, a fire, or a pest control problem that necessitates professional assistance from, acting quickly could save both time and money.


Property clean-up is one of the many responsibilities of being a landlord, and an essential one at that. From routine end-of-tenancy cleanings and sudden emergency clean-ups to crime scene clean-ups, every situation requires its own approach and expertise. While it may be tempting to take on these tasks yourself in order to save costs, professional services provide thoroughness, compliance with regulations, and ensure future tenants’ safety and well-being are protected. A clean well-maintained property does not only upheld market value, it is also proof that you’re an ethical landlord!

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