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Lean Is The New Keen – The Essence Of It for Human Resource Management

Businesses consider lean a vital aspect of their operations as it is a productivity methodology that reduces inefficiency and upsurges a continuous improvement. Many reputed corporations have successfully implemented lean methods into their manufacturing plans and their culture.

Now that you’re wondering what the concept is- know that lean is all about eliminating redundant and wasteful activities. This process also helps in drawing better value from what teams do, which improves their workflow.

Lean often couples with Six Sigma principles that employ statistical analysis for minimizing process execution variations.

Owing to lean’s success in manufacturing, lean spreads to many sectors, including performance management and HR. In the light of lean concept, these principles apply to:

  • Recruitment and Hiring:

The process of searching for the right job candidate, getting him through the application process and mutually agreeing to the offer is a long road, which often leads to waste.

However, with lean concepts, a more straightforward route to hiring is established. And, this route provides a sigh of relief as it is less taxing.

  • Orientation, Upskilling, and Training:

Every orientation process has requisite paperwork and customary tasks. Thus, when you apply lean and six sigma principles, your enterprise can experience performance improvements, enabling new hires to get going more quickly.

  • Performance Management:

Tasks like goal setting, process measurement, and job reviews are often disruptive and time-consuming.

  • Compensations:

Are there better ways of showing employees a path to increased pay raises or bonus pays than lean and Six Sigma? Maybe not.

But, with Six Sigma Certification, businesses can urge their employees to rise from one belt to another and pave a path to higher salaries for process improvements. There are many other benefits, such as how Six Sigma helps employees get better remunerations and business efficiency. Thus, reading through can be a wise option.

These also help employers communicate about their benefits, which they often struggle with. By applying lean Six Sigma philosophies, you can find ways for effective communication, like boosting participation, elevating return on investment, and improving wellness.

The Six Sigma Perspective- What is it?

As mentioned earlier, many organizations are thumbs up for the Six Sigma Approach to a lean system. Thus, Six Sigma focuses upon DMAIC, an abbreviation for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. Some stages to the concept are:

  1. Defining the problem, you’re trying to solve
  2. Measuring key process aspects
  3. Analyzing data and looking for cause-and-effect relationships
  4. Improving the ongoing processes
  5. Taking control over the functions while in the future

Many organizations are all pro for combining Six Sigma and lean concepts for deploying a great approach. Know that it helps in leveraging the introspective and interactive nature of the lean with data-driven insights of Six Sigma.

The Conclusion

Human resource departments- make no mistake in knowing that Six Sigma is a substantial undertaking. Thereby, it is vital to embark on the research process and then commit some time and resources towards its implementation.

After all, it’s not just about simplifying your organization’s human resource needs. Instead, it’s about demonstrating to your employees- the valuable assets that you as an organization care for them. Yes, it’s about taking steps for improving their productivity and working life.

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