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Maintaining Workplace Hygiene Using Paper Towels

Workplace hygiene is a thing of paramount importance, although it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Maintaining a high sense of cleanliness in the office can help prevent the spread of diseases, thus reducing the risks of employees losing productive hours due to illness.

Especially in a pandemic, companies that do not pay attention to their toilets and washrooms create the perfect environment for diseases to spread. Imagine an employee catching the flu. The droplets can stay on their palms when they cough and get transmitted via doorknobs. Other employees may also contract it through handshakes.

Hand washing

Hand washing became a crucial practice during the pandemic in order to avoid transmitting the disease through contact. In fact, experts say hand washing is very effective in preventing the spread of flu and other common infections. To date, it remains a practice in several workplaces.

However, many people neglect the most important part of handwashing: hand drying.

Why hand drying is so crucial

Many people think hand washing begins and ends with soap, water, scrub, and rinse. Of course, that’s great! But washing your hands is incomplete without drying them.

Hand drying is the final act that ultimately helps prevent the spread of diseases through contact.

After washing, some bacteria can cling to your damp palm and get transmitted to the doorknob when you leave the washroom. You’re therefore putting the next person that comes in at risk.

Notably, your hands can take up to 200 million bacteria when you visit the restroom. Some of these bacteria will be transferred to other objects and employees in the office during that workday. For example, hand drying is particularly effective against transmitting salmonella and E.coli, two highly dreaded bacteria.

Since washing hands alone isn’t enough, businesses should implement measures to encourage efficient hand drying for their employees.

Available hand drying options

Indeed, many homes, restaurants, and commercial spaces utilize electric hand dryers these days. While these devices are very convenient, industrial paper towels have proven to be a better alternative for drying your hands and keeping them germ-free.

Reasons to consider using paper towels in your workplace

Paper towels are particularly very effective in maintaining a high level of hygiene in the workplace. Below are the reasons why.

1. High rate of absorbency

Paper towels can dry your hands faster than electric dryers, allowing you to get back to your job speedily with peace of mind that your hands are germ-free. It can reduce the residual water in your hand to 4% in 10 seconds and 1% in 15 seconds.

2. Paper towels can eliminate bacteria from your hands

Electric hand dryers only dry up the water, leaving some bacteria behind. Of course, the heat isn’t strong enough to kill them. On the other hand, industrial paper towels eliminate germs due to friction between the fabric and your hands.

3. Preventing cross-contamination

In areas where containing a spread is of paramount importance, paper towels may be your best bet. However, this is achieved if you use the correct technique.

Do not wash your hands first before tapping the paper towel dispenser. If you do so, you may collect germs left on the dispenser by the previous persons who used it. Tap the dispenser before washing your hands so you can dry them immediately after washing without touching any other object.

Final words

Workplace hygiene should be given more attention now than ever. With the pandemic still around, in addition to common cold and flu, preventing disease transmission in commercial spaces will benefit the organization and its customers.

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