Mixing Business And Creativity, Can We Do It?

Mixing Business And Creativity, Can We Do It?

While it’s important to take note of the essentials for every entrepreneur to make their business successful there is something that cannot be manufactured, and that is creativity. So many agencies and PR companies are now looking to harness creativity but there are some people that believe that business and creativity do not mix. But is this actually true?

And is there a way to mix these two seemingly opposite elements effectively?

The Industry 

We have to remember that there are certain industries that demand more creativity than others. Whether it’s fashion businesses making the most of designing clothing labels or marketing agencies that need to promote a company with a lot of flair the industry has a big sway. But this doesn’t mean that businesses that don’t seem to be creative need to stagnate. Yes, there are some industries that require many employees to work like a robot but it’s all down to the line manager and the leaders to implement some form of creativity.

Creativity is something that can spark off different ways of working. New processes can come into play but he can also make the job more interesting for the employee. 

The Problem With Chasing The Money

This is where business and creativity can conflict. Because we inevitably start to chase the money we don’t think of the final product in terms of creativity but this is where we have to hire the right people in order to bring about the creative process. Some people don’t work best when confined to a specific 9 to 5 routine whereas others thrive in it.

Creativity is not a one-size-fits-all approach. And when you start to chase the money rather than the talent this is when you are betraying your best interests. Chasing the money is part of what makes a business successful but you’ve got to figure out that balance between the two.

How Can You Mix Art And Commerce?

It is worth looking at the practices of any small creative company. They have the ability to mix art and business because they have the scope and the freedom to keep the spark alive. The big problem is that once businesses get bigger that everything has to be more regimented and there are more people to please.

When you start to stray away from the business plan or stop “playing” this is when problems can creep in. But mixing business and art can be done effectively. It’s partly to do with the right people but it’s also about how you harness the talent.

Catching lightning in a bottle is about having the people that can recognize it but also having someone to sail the ship. Mixing business and creativity is something that many people won’t agree on but it’s something that has to be done for any business to get ahead. If you’re looking to improve your processes or you’re trying to design something new, creativity is always at the forefront. But with great creativity comes a methodical mind behind it all.

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