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Modern Leadership For Digital Nomads

In a world that offers a multitude of alternative lifestyles, some employees switch the office for an existence of constant traveling.

Relying only on a laptop and a decent Internet connection, they go as far away as possible from home and still are able to earn a living through the work they do remotely.

Digital nomads appear to live the perfect life, yet they also need to stay in touch with the current leadership skillset to be able to adapt and remain competitive.

And high-speed telecommunications have made the physical office less attractive than ever before. Why share the same space with co-workers you barely talk to or have something in common with, when you can take a laptop and work from anywhere else?

Most digital nomads make the first step by working from home, but – being stuck between the same four walls, may be something that does not work for everyone. Some individuals need much more freedom to be able to stay creative or muster the new level of life happiness. With flights now crossing the skies in every direction, it is only a matter of picking a location.

Being a digital nomad is not for everyone, and the list of challenges can indeed be discouraging.

Traveling so often exposes freelancers not only to a sense of restlessness, but can also disturb their interpersonal relationships with friends and family. Add the need to align with local laws every time one changes a country and constantly adapting to new and diverse social circles. A combination between all of these, homesickness and uprooting all the time – drives some digital nomads back to a sedentary work routine in just a couple of years. Yet, despite the hardships, some thrive on the opportunity to travel the world while working for a living!

Knowing yourself is the most important modern leadership skills one has to master to become a successful digital nomad.

There are so many possibilities out there, and venturing out without a proper understanding of your own self can lead you quite far from the path! It is true that a long journey might reveal more about yourself than you ever knew possible. But, being able to work has a lot to do with being emotional constant and avoiding the ups and downs typically associated with a journey of self-discovery.

Another trait of great leaders one needs as a digital nomad is problem-solving.

When you are thousands of kilometers away from peers with a similar background, getting stuck on a task with an approaching deadline – is not a reason to cheer. You may find help eventually, but you would have to master your emotions until then.

Problem-solving can literally keep you alive even in delicate situations outside your work.

Turning into a digital nomad means that you have to acquire the skills to negotiate yourself out of trouble – even when there is no way to communicate with the locals. Things do go wrong while being abroad and some new nomads blame cultural shock or having to adapt – at short notice. But, it takes a real leader to see a compromise or a solution, where others see only see ‘conflict’.

Most of all, digital nomads should put themselves less at the hands of fate and assume leadership over their destiny!

When you are alone, the decisions you make on a daily basis, be it personal or work related, have a greater impact on your well-being than in a typical office situation. There is no one to solve your mistake or offer consolation. You are the maker and you are the breaker, and there is no colleague to change your mind or a boss to veto a decision.

Cultivating healthy work relations is a must for any leader.

Freelancers venturing with their laptops far from home – need to master a similar skill. Working remotely may offer the comfort of less human interactions, but this can backfire.

It is well known that business contacts are more likely to stay in touch with you, if you invest in a real business relationship with them. It can be something as simple as going for a coffee with your favorite collaborator. But, when you are away as a nomad, that option is no longer available!

Fortunately, modern technology offers some alternatives that can bridge the distance, here at #NewToHR we love our face-to-face virtual coffees and e-meets. And Social Media and video calls can also help you make sure you keep your clients and employers engaged and up to date.

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