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No Need To Shout! Ways To Integrate Better Communication In Your Business

One of the fundamentals of a positive working environment is communication. Communication is effective in so many ways, not just in terms of productivity, but it increases workplace morale. Communication can cut down a long and protracted task to its bare elements.

But what are the best ways to integrate effective communication within your business, especially if you have a core group of people completing individual tasks, and therefore do not need to interact at all?

The Right Tools

Very simply, if you have the right tools, you can communicate effectively and without waste. These days, there are so many different tools, but it’s about finding the right ones for your business.

  • If you work in a small office, do you need all of those online chat programs?

On the other hand, if you want to consolidate various forms of communication into one package, VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, can provide this. These days, there are many companies that offer various communication methods, such as CompuVision, to make life easier in this respect. The right tools all depends on your budget, and the more that you have doesn’t necessarily mean you will have better tools.

An Open-Door Policy

Having a real conversation with employees is difficult. If you run a business, it’s likely that you don’t have the time to liaise with employees; likewise, they may feel reticent about speaking to you in such an open manner.

Having an open-door policy allows employees to bring anything to you. It’s not just a great way to improve the dialog between employee and employer, but this goes a long way to improving the culture of the business.

Organizing The Departments

Perhaps the reason your business isn’t communicative is because you’ve got what a disorganized mess. Organizing specific departments, and putting them into subdivisions within each area encourages more sociability and therefore, better communication.

You don’t want to tell people where to sit, but if you have an organization where people work on more common goals, logically, they all sit together. It’s hard to improve the system, and it becomes a more direct approach, especially from line managers.

Set Up Social Intranet Software

One of the great ways to keep people on the same page is for everyone to use the same platform for communication. If you have employees dotted all over the place and work remotely, this is when a robust communications platform works wonders.

Social intranets are one of the simplest ways people can communicate now. And if you don’t have the budget, perhaps it’s worth trying a Facebook group which, the very least, provides a space for everyone to pitch new ideas. This is crucial when you have people working remotely and seldom contact each other.

Communication in business does wonders in so many ways. But if you have a segregated company, where people are focused on themselves, implementing communication strategies helps to improve, not just the overall culture of the business, but productivity will increase as a result.

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