Three Reasons Parents Would Never Consider Working For You by

Not Just Child’s Play: Three Reasons Parents Would Never Consider Working For You

A recent study found that 81% of families now have at least one working parent. And, as it becomes increasingly expected for moms to return to work after maternity leave, that figure only looks set to grow. 

This poses unique challenges for managers, and meeting them is the only hope you have of appealing to this modern, family-orientated employee base.

Getting on top here is so important, in fact, that as many as four out of five employees report preferring benefits like child-friendly working arrangements over pay rises. 

That’s an extreme claim, and it proves just how much staff are crying out for working arrangements that fit within family life. Sadly, this is a need many companies are still falling short on and, if you’re noticing a lack of parents in your midst, it’s possible you’re doing the same. 

This is terrible news given how many fantastic employees are juggling careers and family life. But, why exactly aren’t parents interested in what you have to offer right now?

You don’t provide flexible working

Flexible work is now a workplace staple, and it can be a massive relief for working parents.

Remote working is, of course, the most notable of such working arrangements, and allows parents to work around school times, holidays, and even sick days where necessary.

Even companies that don’t offer total remote opportunities often put Flexi-working in place that allows parents to arrive late or finish early as they need.

If you aren’t providing those same benefits, then you can guarantee the majority of parents are going to look elsewhere at companies who do.

You have no on-site childcare facilities

Childcare facilities are also becoming a normality in most workplaces, with many managers putting plans in place for on-site nurseries, or investing in commercial playground equipment from Component Playgrounds and other such companies to keep older kids entertained.

Some managers have even begun implementing ‘bring your child to work days’ so that parents can easily keep working during school vacations or when home-based childcare falls through. As such, your absolute lack of on-site childcare facilities leaves you very much behind the curve. And, that’s no way to encourage parents into applying with you. 

No understanding of parental needs

It’s also vital that employers now express a general understanding of parental needs.

This means implementing things like lactation rooms for moms returning to work, or understanding that parents may have to leave at the last minute if their children fall sick.

Without such procedures in place, parents may simply not see how they could happily work within your company. And, that could leave you missing out on some of the best potential applicants out there. 

Do you need to let staff bring their kids to work every single day?

Of course not. But, doing whatever you can to improve child-friendliness where it matters most is fundamental right now. At least, it is if you want to appeal to the best possible talent every time you advertise a new role.

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