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Office Upgrades Your Employees Secretly Want

Employees can sometimes be a shy and retiring bunch. They won’t always tell you what they want from their offices, leaving you guessing.

Fortunately, other firms have already done all the snooping you’ll ever need to do for you. We list some of their findings in this post: 

Increase Natural Light

Employees don’t like working in dank rooms without any natural light, particularly in the winter. There’s nothing worse than going to work in the dark, working under a halogen light, and then returning home in the evening in the dark again. It’s not fun. 

To avoid this, add more natural light to your offices. Look for ways to open them up. Make modifications to the exterior of your buildings if you have to. If that doesn’t work, move. 

Add Fitness Classes At Lunchtime

You don’t have to go to the expense of a brand new, fully-equipped gym. But it does help to open a fitness class. With these, you can help employees feel more active during the day, particularly at lunch time, without any large capital expense. 

One of the cheapest ways to do this is to come to an agreement with an outside fitness instructor. You pay them for half an hour to an hour every weekday at lunch time, and they may offer discounts and other special offers if you keep using them. 

Install More Lifts

Taking the stairs is a chore for modern office workers. Plus, there are some who don’t have the physical capacity to do so. That’s why more firms are installing elevators. 

Sheridan Lifts, a major vendor, has a map of all the locations requesting lifts across the country. We’re currently experiencing a boom, as more companies look for solutions to their accessibility problems. 

Create A Better Time-Off Policy

Employees are often loath to ask for time off. They don’t want anyone to view them as slacking off or not putting their all into their work. 

As such, it’s often the responsibility of their employers to insist that they take a break, even if they don’t want to. This shifts the burden away from them and onto you. If you’re the boss and you’re the one making the decisions, they’re much more likely to be happy about it. 

Provide Areas To Socialize

Part of the joy of going to work is to be able to spend time with your coworkers. There’s nothing better than conversations by the water cooler. 

Many companies, though, don’t facilitate these kinds of interactions, and it’s hurting them. Colleagues that brush shoulders build deeper bonds and share their ideas.

Businesses that have a sort of “café culture” are the ones most likely to hold onto their staff and thrive. 

Use Soft Lighting

While natural light is great when it’s pouring through your office windows, workers don’t usually appreciate similarly harsh artificial light.

Fortunately, these days, you can get soft LEDs for offices. These are conventional brilliant white LEDs wrapped in a bulb that absorbs some of the blue-ish wavelengths. The result is a redder, less oppressive type of light that is less prone to giving people migraines. 

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