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Online Exposure: Here’s How To Up Your Website

While everything you do online is important in terms of business exposure, your website is perhaps one of the most important ones. It’s like the storefront of your business, a place to keep official and to welcome your customers in from wherever they’ve been online.

It is important that it represents your company completely, in other words, and that it showcases a certain flare of innovation and creativity.

That way, you get to keep a consistent brand and can proudly refer anyone to your site whether they stop by after spending some time on your social media profile or if they’re referred through a different site.

Here is a handful of ways to make your website the kind of place that people want to spend more than just a few seconds on. It just makes it a bit easier for you to get the kind of exposure online you need to boost your business.

Convince them by using social proof

These days, it’s really easy to get the kind of social proof you need in case you’d like to showcase it on your website. People tend to leave their reviews behind on social media, after all, and they’re not shy about being seen either; make use of some of them on your site so that others don’t have to trek through all of those comments.

Plus, you’ll be cherry-picking the very best ones in order to create the perfect image for your business.

If you want something that’s a bit longer and personal than a comment left behind on social media, you could always turn to your most loyal customers. Ask them if you may use their testimonials on your site, and offer them something in return to keep them on your good side. A freebie is always popular, for example.

Testimonials help to build the kind of credibility you’d want to showcase on your website and may be just what you need to ensure a deal with newcomers to your site.

Give your website a makeover

Just like fashion trends tend to change every season, website trends will also change rapidly. If you want to stay modern and make your website look both up to date and regularly managed, it’s a good idea to change things up a bit once in a while. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking like you created it in 2009 and left it as is for the next decade.

Start by giving your logo a quick makeover, for example, by getting in touch with a professional logo maker. They can make it look like the one you’ve been relying on for a while now too so that you’re not changing too much and still keeping the brand consistent.

Another website tricks is to change out the colours a bit so that you’re not featuring those that were popular a couple of years ago – or just make use of digital storytelling a bit more.

It helps a lot in terms of capturing your audience and make them hang around for a bit longer.

Use it for your ‘about us’ page, for example, and take your audience on a journey through some creative work. It will leave an impression, if nothing else – and you’ll be doing more for your website than your competitors are doing.

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