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Political Management Vs. Law: Which Degree Is Best For You?

Political management and law degrees both open up incredible opportunities and provide amazing benefits for students, but which degree is best for you? There is no doubt that a law degree looks great on your resume, but it’s worth exploring alternatives before you make a decision. Online masters’ programs in political management may be appealing for several reasons, as outlined in the infographic below.

If you choose to study political management online, you can work while you study. This enables you to continue earning and fit your studies in around your schedule. Another major draw for political management over law is the duration of training. With an online course, you can graduate with a degree in political management sooner. It takes at least three years to complete law school. Political management also opens up a more diverse collection of career options, and it’s still possible to pursue a career in law without a JD (Juris Doctor). 

While applying for a law course is an excellent idea if you have your heart set on becoming a lawyer, it may be better to consider political management if you have an interest in law, but you’re open to exploring other avenues, including politics. If you dream of being the next president, for example, this course will provide invaluable training and ensure you know everything there is to know about the political system.  

Political management and law are both well-respected degrees that will look excellent on your resume, but if you’re not wholly committed to a career in law, you may find that you benefit from the broader spectrum of opportunities provided by a political management degree. 

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