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Proactive Tasks For Employees Working From Home

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have found that they need to adapt to survive. Invariably, for most, this means closing physical premises and adapting to a remote working model. While many employers may worry that this new operational model could hinder productivity, the stats show otherwise. Indeed, there’s evidence to suggest that employees are actually more productive at home. Especially when given proper motivation, guidance and support from their employers. Indeed, you may find that once all this is over, remote working actually has its share of advantages.

Still, it’s fair to say that it takes some getting used to for teams who are used to working in close proximity.

  • In many cases, employees may be able to carry out the exact same operations from home that they would be doing in the workplace.
  • In some cases, however, they may need to adapt to new operations while pre-existing procedures are no longer fit for purpose.

As such, you’ll need to think about more ways in which employees can use their time productively to grow your brand, build value in your business, and chart a strategic path for a sustainable future for your business, throughout the pandemic and beyond. 

Some tasks you can give your employees to work on in this time include… 

Manage your social media presence

The services you offer to your customers have likely changed.

You may be one of the many businesses moving to a delivery-based business model or engaging with customers over the phone or perhaps via video chat.

But whatever operational changes have been made, your commitment to your customers remains the same. But many of them may not be aware of this. This is why you should be using the social platforms on which you have a presence to send a message of reassurance.

Let them know how your operations have changed but emphasize the fact that you’re dedicated to keeping things up and running and providing the support that they’ve come to expect from you. 

Create content marketing materials

Many of your customers likely have a little more time on their hands than they used to. They may, like your employees, be working from home or they may have been placed on furlough until the infection curve has flattened and pandemic has become properly managed.

In any case, it means that they have more time to engage with content that you send their way. Which is why you should double down on your content marketing strategy. 

Content marketing in the form of blog posts, infographics, videos and other resources has a number of distinct advantages for businesses.

It establishes their knowledge and expertise as they create materials to help their customers overcome problems and pain points that they encounter regularly in everyday life. This helps to build trust and value in your brand.

Furthermore, it gives your clientele a reason to keep coming back to (and moving through) your website.

Which has a number of positive implications for your Search Engine Optimization, helping you to get ahead of your competitors in search engine queries. 

Content marketing is fun to do and allows your employees to showcase their knowledge and understanding while improving your value proposition in the eyes of your customers. 

Investigate new leads

Lead generation is a difficult discipline, and one which your team may not be able to carry out while working remotely. Fortunately, however, there are a number of companies that can give you long lists of qualified sales leads. But knowing which to trust can be tricky.

Take a look at this link to see which sales lead generation companies are legit. Your employees can then investigate these leads and engage with them to demonstrate how your products or services can help them through this difficult time. One good thing about marketing in the current climate… you know that prospects are likely to be home!

Re-engage with lapsed customers

Of course, we all know that the key to business growth is not just in engaging new customers, it’s about retaining existing customers. And that matters now more than ever. If you’re serious about using your employees proactively at a time like this, re-engaging with lapsed customers should be a top priority.

While your margins may not be at their highest right now, consider special promotional codes or offers targeted directly at customers who haven’t used your business in the last 6-12 months. The data should be easy enough to mine from your CRM and will allow your employees an opportunity to shine as they tempt customers back to your business.

Just because this is a time of crisis doesn’t mean that your business and your team can’t adopt a proactive approach!

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