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Should I Work In Events?

Working in an events role can be challenging, engaging and rewarding. You get to spend lots of time interacting with others, putting your organisational skills to the test and seeing an event through from beginning to end. Plus, you get the chance to work with exciting new event booking software and, depending on the nature of the role, potentially even some high-profile talent.

So, if you’re considering working in events there are plenty of perks. But what skills do you need?

Social media savvy

These days, social media and events go hand in hand. You’ll be promoting your events on various platforms and connecting with bloggers. You might be working closely with the marketing team to support the brand and project its values.

So, if you have a good knowledge of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and know how to engage followers, an events role could be perfect for you. 


Anyone who works in events needs to be organised. You will be managing emails, bookings and finances, and you always need to be on top of things. It’s no good leaving everything to the last minute, because you will be representing the company you’re working for, and its values. An organised person will keep lists, spreadsheets and receipts, and all their documents will be backed up.


It’s important for people who work in events to have good social skills, as most of the job involves interacting with others.

Events teams will be huge, and therefore you will need to be a good team-player who can work well with colleagues. You will also be interacting with guests at the events, depending on the nature of the role, and might have to make sure that they’re happy.

So, if you’re a smiley, sociable person who loves spending time with others, an events role could be a great match.


Another big part of working in events is being able to put out fires (hopefully only metaphorical ones, though). While you’ll want to plan an excellent event where everything goes to plan, this is quite often not the case.

You can’t prepare for everything and there’s often something that will inevitably go wrong – whether that’s running out of canapes, realising there aren’t enough chairs or a bout of bad weather. So, you need to be reactive and cool-headed. If you’re someone who flaps easily, an events role might not be for you.

But, if you’re a keen problem solver who isn’t easily phased, it could be a perfect match.  


Working in events isn’t for the easily tired. While you might have an office base, you’ll be on your feet for prolonged periods of time and might have days where you don’t go into the office at all.

So, if you’re an energetic being who likes to travel, get out of the office and breathe in the fresh air, an events role could be great for you.

You might find yourself hosting an event in a marquee in the countryside, or a festival by the sea. Whatever it is, you’ll love it.

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