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So, You Think You Are An Eco-Friendly Company?

It’s Time To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

It’s no secret that business ethics and the way we utilize them play a fundamental role in modern success. Consumers are no longer happy to put up with poor practices, and they’re finally holding businesses accountable, especially regarding environmental concerns.

Everything from excessive business wastage to over-the-top electricity use has come under fire in the last five years, and many companies have changed tack as a result.

Now, with an even more eco-focused decade upon us, you may need to go further to remain a company that consumers trust. 

Sadly, as more businesses embark on token gestures like paperless filing, customers are fast becoming skeptical.

Some feel that companies are only taking these efforts to line their own pockets, while others are convinced that these changes aren’t enough. And, let’s face it; they aren’t altogether wrong. 

Paperless offices and the like do make an environmental difference but, as climate concerns hot up, this simply isn’t enough to satisfy.

Instead, 2020 is the year that businesses like yours need to put their money where their mouth is, and go the extra mile to prove their sincerity where eco-practices are concerned in the following ways. 

# 1 – Don’t be afraid to start donating

Donations to eco-led charities are a fantastic option here as their impact is small, yet they could make a clear and positive difference where it matters most. Of course, you will need to put some profit towards this, but it’s a loss worth taking.

If you’re worried, you could even ensure you aren’t left out of pocket by dedicating funds from unique sales events, particular products, or even open days with cake sales, etc. 

# 2 – Pay more for ethical practices

Plastic packaging has long been a business staple due to affordability, but with plastic the leading cause for consumer worry right now, it’s time to start paying a little more for ethical alternatives.

Replacing plastic packaging with cardboard is one of the most obvious options here. Equally, switching plastic sales bags for jute or fabric is guaranteed to work.

Given that these will also act as promotional bags that your consumers use time and again, you could even find increasing conversions more than cover the costs of such a swap. And, you can sleep easy that the oceans will thank you for it.

# 3 – Get extreme with your process shake-ups

As touched on, process alterations like paperless filing are now industry standards, and they do help, but they aren’t quite the change consumers are looking for.

Instead, steps, including remote working to reduce carbon footprints, and even eco-focused production processes should come into play this year.

Remember, people don’t just want to see you paying lip service to a cause you think they care about. Real difference and authenticity that your consumers can get behind, relies on extreme changes.

Now ask yourself, are you up for the challenge? Because if not, willing competitors will likely pique you to the post at every turn moving forward.

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