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Start A Greeting Card Company With These Steps

If you have a creative flair and you want to do something with it, then consider a greeting card company. Although the ability to make video calls, texts, and more has been around for years now – there is nothing like receiving a good card. 

So how can you get started on a card-making company? 


Who is your audience? Almost everyone buys cards, but if you try to cater to everyone, you will be stretched too thin, and the stock you’ll need to have available becomes more extensive. Consider your audience carefully. A card company with humor for new parents? Special birthday cards? What about a specific theme like football club cards or floral-scented cards? 

Business Plan

Even in modern business, there is a need for this document. It will help you stay on track, and it is a great way to measure your progress as you go. Your business plan will also help you solidify all of the materials you need and where you will be marketing your products. 

Legal Entity 

Each country has different requirements when it comes to registering your business – make sure that you understand your responsibilities and register as soon as possible.


There will probably be a healthy mix of hand-folded and created items and items that are made using a digital cutting table. Although there are many pre-made patterns online, put some time into creating your own unique cards. Rather than buy a lot of stock, stick to making a few of each card, and use them as your marketing products. 

Keep creating as you sell so you always have stock available. 


Initially, you are likely to spend more than you make so that you have the stock to sell in the first place. Over time though, it will start to even out. It is vital that you make sure you have all of your receipts and sales so that you can keep your accounts in good order.


Creating your own small website is a great idea and something that is important for your brand. Instagram shopping is also a great place to offer your products too. Ideally, your website won’t be too cluttered and will have an easy-to-navigate menu for your customers. Cluttered websites often have too much on them for customers to be able to make a choice. 

Always remember to factor in postage to your prices, as that has been a stumbling block for many small product businesses. 

Start by using your own products when you send cards because that can help with word-of-mouth marketing. Choosing a single platform to concentrate on is usually enough for most small businesses in the early days. Facebook and Instagram are great because they are visual platforms – and sharing is easy to do. 

Be prepared to spend a few hours each day working on and in your business (especially if this is a side project next to a full-time job). 

Something that many small businesses come up against is the need for financing. Check this post out for ideas: How To Raise Money For Your Business – New To HR

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