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Starting Out In The Food Industry? Here’s What You Need

If you have decided to enter one of the trickiest industries then you will need to keep your wits about you. Starting a business in the food trade is not an easy task and it will challenge you every step of the way. The key to success is ensuring you are better than all the other food businesses and offering something that they don’t. If you promise your customers certain products then you need to keep to those promises. In the business world, it is rare for new businesses to reach their first birthday. This is due to a number of reasons including budget problems and not conducting enough market research.

So, take a look below for some of the important factors you need to consider when starting a food business. 

What’s Your Idea?

Every business you see today started with one single idea, this idea then developed into a business. If you have had thoughts of starting your business then you need to know what business venture you want to get into. Whenever you have ideas, write them down on a piece of paper. You can then go from there and brainstorm anything related to that idea, you can also write down the pros and cons of each idea you come up with. 

It may help you to understand how other businesses are doing with a similar idea to yours. Conduct your own market research and see how they survive, what they offer, and if their customers are happy. You could even see if customers have suggested ways they can improve and work that into your idea. 


Once you have your idea you need to work out your budget. This can be arduous and time-consuming but it is a huge must for any business, especially a new one. Sit down and work out what you will be needing money for. It is a common mistake to leave vital items off the budget list and then run out of money because you haven’t factored it in. You need to work out if you need money for a premises to run your business from and what equipment is needed. Your budget will also go towards your employees’ salaries in the early days. 

Once you have a rough idea of how much money you need then you can apply for a business loan if you don’t have this to hand. In order to be successful in your application, you need to have a pretty healthy credit score. You also need to be sure you can afford the repayments each month even if your business doesn’t do well. 

Business Plan

When you start a business it is vital you create a business plan to go alongside this. You might think that your food business doesn’t need a business plan, you may just want to start selling straight away. This is a bad idea as it means you don’t have anything set in stone to work towards. Usually, in a business plan you set yourself goals, these are SMART goals which means they should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. 

A business plan will also help you manage your budget and cash flow, so you know where your hard-earned cash is going. Your business plan should also touch on how you are going to market your business and make it stand out. There are many different marketing techniques including adverts on the internet or television, flyers through doors if you are marketing a new restaurant, and making sure your website is up to standard. 

Home Or Elsewhere

There will come a time when you are planning your business when you will need to ask yourself if you are going to work from home or elsewhere. It all depends on the type of food business you are running. You may only be preparing smaller meals for delivery, this would be okay to do at your own house.

However, if you need a large kitchen to prepare your stuff then it makes sense for you to have a premises to work from. You may also need somewhere for your customers to sit, therefore you will definitely need a business space. 

When it comes to looking for a suitable business space you need to think about how much foot traffic and attention you can get to your business. It is not a good idea to be located down back streets unless you are going to work hard on marketing and advertising. This way people will know where to find you. 

Equipment Needed

You may be running a business that requires additional equipment such as an air cooled condenser to store all your food in. You need to be aware of certain regulations when it comes to storing food. There will be laws and protocols in place that you can check so you are running your business above board. It will help you to make a list or even a spreadsheet that states what equipment you need for your business to be a success. For example, if you are running a restaurant then you will need tables, chairs, and crockery, as well as things like this 2 door glass cooler to keep drinks chilled and ready to serve at the perfect temperature. If you are running a delivery business then you will need boxes and bags.


Finally, if you don’t want to run your business on your own then you will need to find suitable people to work for you. Your employees are the driving force of your business and you should ensure they always have your business’s best interest to heart. When it comes to finding employees you want to make sure that you get the best people in the field. This is accomplished by placing an advert online or even in newspapers stating what you are looking for. A good job advertisement will have a job description and person specification detailing all skills and qualifications you want that person to possess. If people know what you are looking for then it saves a lot of wasted time from people applying who aren’t qualified for the position. 

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