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Surveying The Employees

If well-used and well-implemented, surveys are a powerful means of gathering unfiltered data regarding employee engagement.

(Online) Surveys provide an honest look at the inner workings of the company and its people, offering a clear view of areas in need of change.

An added benefit is that they are very simple create and cost hardly anything except the time it takes to put them together (online or offline).

With such an easy means to achieve results on any topic you need, it is a prudent method to keep tabs on anything.

  • When putting a survey together, frame everything around the information you need to gather.
  • By the time the results are evaluated, you should know enough about a certain aspect of the company that you can successfully implement positive change.
  • Do not, however, fall into the trap of taking too long to design the questions.
  • Some higher ups may argue for questions that can only bring out positive answers but this is detrimental, especially since you are trying to gather the truth, made easier by the fact that all answers are anonymous.

After all of the questions are applauded by management, it is time to send it out via email or via an online survey platform.

Some companies offer incentives for completing them by a certain date while others merely stress its importance.

What you choose to do to increase the return is very much based on the corporate culture you work in. The crucial thing, however, is to keep talking about it. As long as you keep it front and center on everyone’s to-do list, the return rate should be relatively high. The worst thing that can be done is an unspectacular release without absolutely no discussion regarding its purpose. Employees will simply ignore it, opting to work on more important projects instead.

As the results come in, start analysing the data into whatever system you are using (online employee survey software is likely the easiest).

Map the measurable and take note of any great critiques or ideas that come from those that answered it. Since it is completely anonymous, you can expect far more honest answers and opinions, leading to actual areas of improvement. Above all, do not be offended by negative responses. No company is completely flawless. Use these as guideposts to steer company progress.

Surveys are only as useful as you make them to be.

Through anonymity, employees can freely express their opinions on different subjects, aiding you in identifying both problem areas and those to be used as upstanding examples.

With the right purpose to them, they are pivotal to helping patch the holes that can sink an otherwise healthy company. Just make sure you get a decent return rate, otherwise your hope to fix a stalled goal can result in nothing but wasted time and effort for all parties.

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