Team Bonding That Actually Works by

Team Bonding That Actually Works

When you start building a workforce, the main thing you hope for is their engagement- with the company’s mission statement, it’s values and also with each other. Without this connection, it’s very hard to get real, lasting results. Studies have shown that perks such as free food or recreational activities, while nice, don’t actually function well as a motivational tool.

The relationship you’re seeking is more fundamental than that – this makes it harder to create, but also more valuable. It’s the key to increased performance and productivity at work, so it’s well worth making it a priority.

But what are the factors that go into creating a truly engaged and motivated team?

You may start by planning a team building event, and if so the key is a great activity and destination – search for local activities that will interest and appeal, such as Wordsescape room, a team building corporate event; and you’ll find a place that fits.

Recognise Team As Rounded Individuals

Team BondingWork is a huge part of most of our lives, but it isn’t the only thing that makes us tick. In order to forge a real relationship with team members, you need to recognise them as People, not just employees – and that means taking an interest in their lives outside of work.

This doesn’t have to cross a line into unprofessionalism – it is possible to get to know the person behind the role without being intrusive. This is an organic process that doesn’t work well when it’s forced.

You need first to create a culture where these types of conversations are encouraged and normal. Find out what goals your employees have – at work and in their personal lives.

  • What is their family situation and home life?
  • What are they passionate about outside of work?
  • What do they like to do to relax?

Getting to know your team on a more personal level lets you understand more about their unique skill set and how to motivate and encourage them. It also forms a bond that runs deeper than just watercooler chat and allows you to really get to know the people you work alongside.

Help Your Team Develop

People will invest themselves in you and your business when you invest in them. It’s the basis of a reciprocal relationship that makes your employees feel well cared for.

You get a workforce that is motivated, productive and loyal to the company, plus highly trained and skilled staff who can bring real benefits – and that is why you should never skimp on the training budget, it’s a false economy. Have a mindset of always looking out for the next development opportunity for your staff and make a policy of promoting from within rather than externally filling vacancies wherever possible.

For your employees, all this means that the benefits of their role run far deeper than their salary and they start to develop reciprocal ties with the company.

Create a bespoke training plan for each staff member to be reviewed on an annual basis, find professional development events via LinkedIn to send your staff to, or even use your own contacts to invite industry leaders in for learning sessions or to provide mentors for some staff. Training must become a mindset within the company as it creates loyal staff members.

Show Your Appreciation

As business leaders many of us make the mistake of assuming our staff will know we’re grateful for their support. But our gratitude should never remain unspoken. As human beings, we are wired to respond to praise, so leverage its power for employee engagement. Don’t save praise for the annual review – follow the little and often approach.

You could try doing things the light-hearted way – set up an online ‘wall of fame’ where employees can be recognised for a job well done.

It doesn’t just have to be on you- encourage colleagues to recognise each other when a job has been done well. This kind of value-based recognition gives people the fuel they need to continue doing a good job and even improve their performance.

A simple thank you note, an online gift voucher or some edible treats are also a great way to reward your team for a job well done. Giving your employees guidance and support is quite simple, but can drastically alter the working relationship.

When people feel bought in to the business they work for, some truly great team dynamics occur. With a little effort, you can make real changes that will turn out to be the best investment you could have made.

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