The Benefit Of Retargeting Your Customers by

The Benefit Of Retargeting Your Customers

Finding customers that actually love what you do is difficult and time-consuming. But in the end you know it’s going to be worth it because these kinds of fans will become loyal customers. What are the signs that you have targeted the right kind of customers?

Firstly, they will already be involved in your industry somehow. You might be offering customers a wireless set of earphones, so this means your customers will be music-loving smartphone users and fitness enthusiasts. Already you have a customer base that you will want to target.

Marketing your product by showing them how your product will better their lives in scenarios in their everyday life is a surefire winning move.

Other customers that aren’t set to be loyal will just use your product for things like commuting whereby they just wear them to shut out the noise of trains and public transport.

So it’s a good idea to retarget your loyal customers.

Through an email

Customers that are enthusiastic of their own accord should be given a jet pack so their motivation to purchase your products can be made even higher.

For example, if you have made a great product that serves the needs of customers that go to the gym, you can touch base with them in an retargeting email marketing campaign.

  • In the newsletter that you send them you could offer them a discount on their next purchase if they make it in the next 30 days.
  • You can also include a social media campaign with your unique hashtag to get them to share a picture of themselves using your product.
  • On Twitter and on Facebook you can share these posts so your public image gets a boost. Email marketing helps you touch base with your customers and keeps reminding them that you’re thinking about them.

Using data to retarget

Customer data is as good as gold. It’s a goldmine of information that you can use to make a specific retarget campaign.

  • If someone bought a pair of running shoes from your online retail business, you can see just exactly what kind.
  • Things such as foot size, color preference, brand preference, price range, design and even a review they leave behind are all great resources you can use in future.

With an advertising agency that knows how to retarget customers, you can offer them very similar products or products that will compliment their previous purchase. This tightens the net around the things they like, so you give them accurate choices of what could help them better fulfil their consumer desires.

You’re still here

By continuing to make contact and retarget customers that have already bought from you once, you let them know you’re still here.

Sometimes it is just a matter of keeping your brand name and logo in their minds so the next time they are thinking of buying something, you are one of their first options to go to.

Retargeting customers is a way of touching base and using data to accurately surmise what they would be interested in. You’re increasing your chances of them becoming loyal customers too.

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