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The Benefits Of Cloud Based Project Management Software

Project management software is a staple of any organised business, keeping every team connected by ensuring colleagues are on the same page.

However, the digital landscape and the capabilities of software have both evolved massively since project management software became popularised, with one of the latest major developments seeing cloud-based project management completely revolutionising what is possible.

This can lead to improved productivity and clearer communication in your company.

Cloud project management benefits you can’t do without

Easy and flexible access

It can be frustrating when problems with your server mean that you can’t access company files and data. With cloud project management, files aren’t tied to a server in the office, which means that you can access them from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. It’s the ultimate in convenience – keeping you in touch with your team with no restrictions.

Work from home, whilst travelling or at external meetings. Simply log in and access your projects on the go, adding updates or expense items while they’re fresh in your mind.

Secure backups

If your business relies upon the continuity of data and projects, a disaster recovery plan is essential.

One of the best features of cloud-based project management is the secure automated backups that ensure that project management information is saved and up to date. These backups are usually made regularly and frequently, so if you think you’ve lost any data, it’s likely that a backup would have been stored shortly prior to the event.

Secure backups mean that even if you lose your work laptop or phone, you won’t have lost the data on it. Eliminating the threat of losing your data gives you confidence and peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on getting stuff done.

Cost effective

Cloud software also normally comes with built in customer support, meaning you can solve any issues you’re having with the software without using expensive external help. You’ll soon cut down on business costs relating to IT support, expensive server hardware, and inflated electricity bills. This means the cost of the software will be subsidised by the savings you make elsewhere.

The efficiency benefits that cloud based software provides also means that staff will become more efficient. When everyone in your business is able to access and administer changes to project status or progression quickly and simply from wherever they are, time is better managed across the company and there’s less chance of time spent on redundant tasks.

Cloud based collaboration

With cloud-based project management software, you can allocate and collaborate on tasks easily – enhancing communication and teamwork between colleagues. Free yourself from the constraints of long email chains with attachments that take up valuable space by storing documents in the project management software itself.

With most cloud-based project management software also offering integrations with online collaborative office software, working together on documents is easy and efficient. Cloud based document management means that files can be accessed by anyone who is granted permission, meaning everyone knows where they’re up to.

Low maintenance

As cloud-based project management software is managed by the provider, maintenance tasks are solved without the need to employ IT professionals, and you won’t have to think about looking after high maintenance servers.

Automated updates also mean that you don’t need to wait out long downloads as your computer updates to the latest software version, it’ll be ready to go from the moment you need it.

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