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The Changing Workplace: Self-Employment

With time, eight to five o’clock jobs get to your last nerves, and when this happens, you will know it is time to quit. It is either the bad boss at the Teach for America program or the need to spend more time with their loved ones that drives people to quit their jobs and try their hands at self-employment.

Even though starting out may have you all jittery, self-employment is rewarding in the end. Although you may always have to control everything happening in your organization, you will find this new venture adventurous.

Why should you consider self-employment? Here are some of the reasons given by financial experts:

You Get to Be Your Own Boss

This is the top factor that motivates most people to become self-employed. The thought of no one barking orders at you or not walking on eggshells anymore is gratifying, to say the least. With self-employment comes freedom, and financial freedom tops the list. You can deal directly with clients, and you are always in control.

Your Earnings Go Up

Averagely, freelancers’ salaries exceed those of traditional employers by above 45%. In addition, freelancers can deduct some business expenses–something that isn’t possible for employees. This way, they keep a larger part of what they make.

Your Expenses Go Down

When you are employed, you will probably need to drive to your workplace each day or hitch a ride on the Metro. Besides, you might end up spending a lot of money on restaurant food during lunch hours. What’s more? If you have a little one, you may need to look for a babysitter or enroll them at the daycare. You, therefore, end up spending a lot of money in the form of gas and childcare expenses.

This isn’t the same in the case of self-employment. You may be able to handle all your work in the comfort of your home office and not worry about beating the morning traffic. Spending lots of money on expensive hotel lunches too will be a thing of the past.

Although not all self-employed people work from their houses, they are at liberty of choosing their workstations. And they sure as hell will settle for a location that is suitable for them and their loved ones.

You Learn New Things Every Day

When you are an employer, you are at your boss’s mercy. You perform whatever tasks they throw at you and follow the instructions handed to you. Never do you go beyond the dictated scope. With time, you’ll realize that you’ve been handling a particular line of tasks, and the monotony could lead to boredom.

The good bit about being self-employed, on the other hand, is that your job is forever changing. This necessitates continual adaptation, learning, and updating of skills. Every client that walks through your doors presents a new challenge, and this could be a thrilling ordeal.

Freelancers have no choice but to be creative and enjoy it. You will feel good knowing your skills aren’t going to waste but, instead, will grow in direct proportion with your business.

With self-employment, you can avoid co-worker drama and give yourselves sick days whenever you desire. Freedom–that is what self-employment gives you. Freedom to be whoever you want to be. 

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